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Free Slots Game Fun with a Social Angle

Facebook has revolutionized the way we perceive gaming on a whole new level. Thanks to companies like Zynga whose early success has paved the way for hundreds of companies and thousands of games to flood the market, today we have a huge selection of free to play games with extensive social features.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social games however – with mobile being more and more prevalent for Facebook users, gaming companies have shifted their goal and now cater to both mobile and desktop players. It is an interesting development, for players from all around the world, especially Australians and their love for pokies and mobile games. This article compares real world pokies to their online counterparts and adds another dimension by caving the social features that make these games so highly sought after.

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Let’s start with the advantages and perks free slots on a social platform like Facebook offer to players. First things first – the community. Social networks exist to create online networks for people who share interests and love to compete and play games with like-minded fellows. This especially rings true for online pokies on Facebook – the dedicated fan pages and comment sections are teeming with people who like to share, comment and compete in various events and games, as well as support each other with free spins and additional game bonuses. Without the social aspect, these types of games will lose a ton of credibility in the world of gaming.

The second major pro point is selection – you will find hundreds upon hundreds of free titles, each packed with different game modes, bonus games, free spins and more. The top dogs such as Slots Farm, MyVegas Slots and 3D Slots have their competition cut out for them – there is literally a huge demand for high quality, free games on these social platforms. Thanks to the growing communities, gaming companies are now seeking to add variety as a perk so they are constantly updating their games lineup with more fun things to enjoy. Spinning the reels has never felt so rewarding.

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The quality has gone up as well. Social pokies online rival those seen in online casinos thanks to an extensive investment in graphics, authentic sounds, atmosphere and a slew of other perks that are unique to the platform. Let’s not forget the seamless integration with your Facebook profile which lets you experience your favorite titles from the very smartphone you use on a daily basis, without losing anything from the overall experience, even on a smaller screen. The touch controls are adjusted for your enjoyment on the fly.

Last but not least, these types of slots are completely free – meaning you can pretty much browse the large selection directly on your Facebook feed (or other social network that is more suited to your needs) and play on your mobile device. Some games can be installed separately on your smartphone device, also for free and you can use Google and Apple’s own marketplace to find the titles that might entertain your slot-related, gaming hobbies.

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