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Access 3G Speed in 2G Data Plan on Android Smartphone

The particular trick you are looking for, is impossible to get. Even if I share the working method, Airtel might patch the loophole and you might not be getting the thing done. Still, here is a guide featuring trick to access 3G speed in 2G data plan on Android smartphone. You need to go through the methods I’m writing below, and they might or might not work.


I cannot guarantee if they will work, as no one can. These tricks are simply a bunch of options available inside every modern Android handset, which can be tweaked to get the desired result. However, there are less chances of them to deliver the result we are expecting here.

It will be better if you can increase the budget, and get the 3G plan active on your SIM card. It will be even better if you can upgrade the SIM card to the latest ones, in case, the connection is too old. By old, here I mean the connection is of 2G standard age.

So, the first thing to do is to upgrade and get the latest SIM card from the Airtel store. Once the SIM card is eligible, you need to recharge with the 2G data pack. These are the two prerequisite which needs to be taken care.

Now, you are all set to go through following set of instructions. There are two methods, first being the simple one while, the second is not that easy, comparatively.

#1 Changing the Network Setting

Here comes the simple method first. All you need to do, is change the preferences of the network. Go through following steps to help yourself.

Step 1 – Move into the Settings of your Android device.

Step 2 – Right under the Wireless Networks heading, tap on More button.

Step 3 – Now, tap on Mobile networks. It will open a SIM selection, if dual SIM cards are being used. Select the Airtel one!

Step 4 – Now, tap on Network mode option and from the available options, select the one which is labeled as WCDMA only.

Step 5 – Come out of the configuration menu and wait for the network to switch. It might take about a minute to finally start working.

If you are confused about what this configuration does, well, it forces the device to select only the 3G Cellular Network out of the available ones. By default, it is set to select the top standard network but, if that’s not available then go back to the older generation like 3G or 2G. But, once you’re done with the aforementioned configuration, the handset will only select 3G connection.

Thus, you can now access 3G speed in 2G data plan. However, it might not work, as I mentioned in the starting of this guide.

If you lose the data connectivity completely, go back to the same setting, and enable the first, default option. Everything will be like old times.

#2 Using a third-party app

This method will require the device to be rooted. If your device isn’t rooted yet, find out a working guide from Google for your particular device model.

Once the device is rooted, go through following set of instructions as mentioned.

Step 1 – Download Speed Optimizer application and install the same. Once ready, launch the application.

Step 2 – Inside the app, set the maximum network speed as 12/28/7.

Step 3 – Now, select the option which increases the speed. Hit the Apply button to save the configuration set.

Step 4 – Restart the device and wait for it to function properly after starting.

Step 5 – Launch the Script Manager application and locate the text file which is labeled as Turbo Charger.txt.

Step 6 – Now, launch the Super User to allow the root permission and goat root permission.

Step 7 – It will ask you to run the Turbo Script.txt file. Move again to the top to set the data speed to fastest available.

Step 8 – Restart the device again, and move into Network Settings. Under that label, set the Network selection to WCDMA only.

The procedure is over and I hope things went smooth as I’ve mentioned here.

It will soon start working and if it does, you will be able to access 3G speed in 2G data plan on Android smartphone.

As aforementioned, try the first method. If that doesn’t work, hit the second method which is the last option you have. Still, I’ll recommend to stop believing in such tricks and move along with the default 3G recharge and settings.

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