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GetResponse Review – Best Email Marketing Tool

If you own any online business, email marketing is the thing that helps you in making your business successful. If you Google some email marketing tools I am sure it is going to provide you list of hundreds of email marketing software. No doubt it is quite difficult to choose the best among them. But don’t worry as I am going to suggest you the best email marketing tool – GetResponse . GetResponse is among the top email marketing tools with numbers of unique features and is also famous for its low pricing.

There are many email marketing tools like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. and still, GetResponse stands out from the crowd by offering a lot of features to make your email campaigns successful. Today, I have conducted an in-depth GetResponse review of my favorite email marketing tool. Let’s have a look on its unique features, pros and cons.

WHY GetResponse?

Basic features of Getresponse are similar to others. It helps you to grab your visitors and convert them into subscribers. But, some of the advance features of GetResponse makes it stand out, like its powerful email marketing software along with easy to use setup and beautiful landing pages.

getresponse review


Of course when you are going to select any email marketing tool, cost will be your primary focus. Getresponse is the number one when you talk about pricing. Its plan starts from only $15 and will be providing you all the basic features like others.

Basically, the pricing plan is based upon the number of contacts to whom emails are being sent to. Almost each plan enables its customers to send unlimited number of emails to the specific defined contacts. Moreover, every pricing plan offers all the features and tools of the software. That’s an amazing thing about GetResponse that it doesn’t restrict you to send limited number of emails every month like some of the others email marketing providers do. Following are the current pricing plan of GetResponse.

getresponse pricing

  1. 1,000 subscribers for $15
  2. 2,500 subscribers for $25
  3. 5,000 subscribers for $45
  4. 10,000 subscribers for $65
  5. 25,000 subscribers for $145
  6. 50,000 subscribers for $250
  7. 100,000 subscribers for $450

In addition to this, GetResponse enables it users to pay on monthly basis. GetResponse offers its subscribers an incentive that enables them to sign up for the whole year in advance. Moreover, GetResponse also offers 18 percent discount on each plan if you pay annually.

getresponse pricing discount

If you want to create multiple landing pages for unlimited number of visitors/subscribers, you are supposed to pay extra $15 per month.

Easy and Simple in Use

The most amazing thing about GetResponse is that it is easy and simple in use. One does not require any technical skills to use it. Creating and sending out emails and building contact list are the primary functions of any email marketing tool and GetResponse makes them very easy. In addition to this, GetResponse can be accessed online and you do not need to install or download it. You can use it easily with any computer having internet connection.

The dashboard of the software is quite straightforward and simple. Unlike other email marketing software, it is not over loaded with information at all. Luckily, GetResponse has everything simple and easy to digest. The dashboard has three options create newsletter, add contacts and create web form. Moreover, users will be able to see how many numbers of subscribers they have and some other statistics.

getresponse features

It is amazing that how simple it is to create a web page with GetResponse for a person who does not have any kind of coding experience. You will be provided with 500 plus templates being divided into different categories and you can select the category of your own choice. It also enables you to create custom templates by selecting layout of one, two or three column.

getresponse add template


When it comes to templates, Getresponse is bit disappointing. GetResponse templates are old fashioned and outdated. As compared to GetResponse, Mailchimp and Aweber provides better templates.

But on the positive side, GetResponse provides you flexibility. You can edit the layouts, you can change fonts and images with the help of control provided. And all of above, it enables you to create you own HTML email templates. In addition to this GetResponse provides you 500 plus already built in templates and you can select any of your favourite template out of them.

pre-defined templates getresponse


GetResponse offers easy and simple reporting option. You can easily see how successful your campaign is. Moreover, it will be providing you all the basics of open rate, course, unsubscribe rates, subscriber clicks and much more.

One click segmentation enables you to divide your subscribers. For example, you can put the subscribers who are not much responsive in a separate list and should keep on trying to impress them by using different templates. You can discover when your users are more responsive and can plan your emails on peak time.

getresponse analytics


GetResponse is pretty much supportive and offers phone support, email support and live chat support. In addition to this, it provide you number of online tutorials to guide you on each step. Amazingly, GetResponse offers 24 hours live chat support and that is excellent.

Other Features

Getresponse offers you variety of features, some of the top features are.

  1. As compared to other email marketing tools, GetResponse enables you to have better split testing.
  2. You are able to create mobile friendly emails by using GetResponse. Mobile friendly emails help you to increase the reach of emails.
  3. Stock of thousands of images are available. You can attach the image of your own choice while sending the email to the subscribers.
  4. You can built the sign up forms for social websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.
  5. A/B testing enables you to test the working of any online campaign. You can check how successful or popular any campaign is.
  6. GetResponse minimized the chances of error, because it enables you to preview emails before sending. This feature is quite useful and helps you to maintain your reputation among the subscribers with no or zero error.
  7. Event and time based emails can be sent by using Auto respondent 2.0.
  8. GetResponse gives you delivery rate of 99%.
  9. The ‘time travel’ feature of GetResponse enables you to send emails according to the optimal times of subscribers.
  10. You are able to generate videos and audios.


The only drawback of GetResponse is that some of its templates are not as sophisticated as compared to other email marketing tools. In addition to this, you will not get the appropriate account manager to help you, if you have some kind of problem. Otherwise, it is the best email marketing software that helps you to make your business successful.

10 Reasons why Getresponse is famous as compared to its competitors

  1. Responsive email designs.
  2. Landing pages.
  3. 500+ pre designed templates.
  4. Single opt-in contact imports.
  5. One click inbox preview.
  6. Marketing automation.
  7. Mobile Apps.
  8. 99 % Delivery rate.
  9. Free iStock images.
  10. Email analytics.


I think GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools out there in the market. There are other email marketing tools like Aweber and MailChimp but GetResponse is the best because of it’s unique and user friendly features. I will definitely recommend you to give a try to GetResponse.

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