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How To Increase Google Drive Storage To 30 TB

Google Drive is a great app provided by Google for saving your info as well as any kind of data files in cloud storage, which you can reach from anywhere including cell phone, tablet, PC, web browser and even from computer client. Every single document uploaded in Google Drive is immediately synced into the cloud and you will be able to access over various gadgets. Since the default cloud storage you get on signing up is 15 GB (Free), in this article I will describe an easy way to increase Google Drive storage to 30 TB for your personal GDrive account.

Presently Google provides free storage space of 15 GB to each regular Google account and 30 GB for Google Applications account. What in case you have used up your entire total space storage capacity? How can you raise the capacity more again? Can I be able to raise Google Drive Storage space? These are the questions asked over most online discussion boards. The answer to all these questions is YES! You are able to raise the capacity further than what is offered on your personal Google Drive account. Regarding that, you need to purchase extra storage space from Google.

You will find various subscription plans according to their storage capacity. Also, it begins from 100 GB to 30 TB, along with different monthly period membership costs. Below are programs specially designed to upgrade your cloud storage, and specifically to increase Google Drive storage to 30 TB.

  • 100 GB ___ $1.99/monthly
  • 1 TB ___ $9.99/monthly
  • 10 TB ___ $99.99/monthly
  • 20 TB ___ $199.99/monthly
  • 30 TB ___ $299.99/monthly

After reviewing the packages, use the steps below to increase Google Drive Storage space capacity as per your preference:

  • Sign into your Google account
  • Proceed to Google Drive storage
  • Select your preferred program for membership (as told above)
  • Purchase by utilizing Google Wallet.

Your program is going to be extended before the membership is terminated and there may be add-on fees, for example, taxes depending on your region or area. After you have purchased out using your Google Wallet, your storage space is going to be instantly upgraded to selected plan, in case you increase Google Drive to 30 TB storage. Have any issues along the way? Let us know in the comments.

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