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How to Hide Facebook Friends List From Others? (2015 Method)

If you are using Facebook then you might have come across a lot of fake profiles. Most of these fake profiles are out there to stalk people or to scam someone. You can get fooled by such people and if you are not fooled then they might try to go through your friends’ list and find someone who can be an easy target. So if you hide your Facebook friends list then you can at least save your friends from such scammers.

Facebook has been working really hard and giving a lot of privacy settings to its users with the sole intention that no one’s personal information falls into the wrong hands. You can not only hide Facebook friends list but you can also choose who can see the list, who can see your status updates or the photos and videos that you upload and whether you want anyone to see your personal information. You can select to show or hide anything you want to.

If you want to increase your productivity and stop spending a lot of time on Facebook then you can deactivate your account but you can also permanently delete Facebook account easily and stop using the social network all together.

hide facebook friends list
So in today’s article, we are going to see a simple way to protect your Facebook friends by hiding your friends’ list from others.

Steps to Hide Facebook Friends List:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and go to your profile page.

Step 2: Once you are on your profile page, you need to click on the Friends tab under your cover photo. When you click on the Friends tab, a new page will open showing all your friends list.

facebook friends list
Step 3: On the page showing your Facebook friends, you will find a small button on the top-right corner. Click on that button and a pop-up will open.

facebook friends list
Step 4: In that pop-up, you will have to choose “Only Me” from the dropdown list in the Friends List option. Once you choose it, click on the Close button and your settings will be saved.

facebook friends list
You have now successfully hidden your Facebook friends list from other people and also from your online friends.

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Why Should You Hide Facebook Friends List?

There are many reasons why you should hide your friends list on Facebook. There are a lot of people out there who are just looking to take advantage of innocent people. If you allow strangers to go through your profile, they might impersonate you online and defame you.

But if you take necessary precautions and change the privacy settings on Facebook to protect all your personal information then such things won’t take place at all.

However if you want your friends to have access to your friends list then you can do so by selecting the Friends option from the drop-down menu above. But I would recommend you to not allow anyone to access your friends list. You should always keep it hidden from strangers as well as friends.

So if you don’t have your friends list hidden then follow the above steps to hide Facebook friends list and also let your other friends know how to do it by sharing this post on social media sites.

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