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Hide My IP Review – Protect Your Online Identity

Nowadays, though, Internet is available in each and every corner of the world, there are still certain websites that are blocked in many countries and region. What would you feel when you are trying to visit a website and you see that it is blocked in your country? Of course, you will feel irritated. So, what can you do at such a time? The answer is really simple! You can use Hide My IP tool to hide your IP address and replace it with a new one so that you will be able to access blocked websites.

You can use this VPN service to change your IP to a location where the website is not banned. The best part about Hide My IP is that it is available on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac as well as on Android. There are many VPN services out there and the offer the same features but we’ll see how Hide My IP is different and better than most of the services out there. So in this Hide My IP review post, we’ll see the features of the software and how to use it to hide your IP address.

Features of Hide My IP:

There are many reasons as to why you need to have a VPN tool. The cyber crime rate is rising and hackers are keeping an eye out on everyone. You make one mistake and all your financial and personal data might be compromised.

So it is better to do the important tasks like money transfer or accessing your bank account by hiding your IP address so that no one knows who you are.

hide my ip review
Here are some of the key features of Hide My IP software:

  • Privacy Protection: The software conceals your IP address so that hackers are not able to take advantage of it. With this, you can surf the Internet anonymously and stay safe from prying eyes.
  • All Browsers Supported: The VPN tool supports almost all the popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and more.
  • Multi-Platform Support: It is supported on multiple platforms and you can install Hide My IP on Windows computer or Mac and also protect your Android smartphone by installing the app.
  • Encrypt Internet Connection: When you use public WiFi networks, you are at the biggest risk of getting hacked. But with Hide My IP tool installed, it will encrypt the Internet connection so that even when you are using public WiFi hotspots, you stay safe.
  • Unblock Websites: You can easily bypass geo-location blocks and access websites like Netflix, Hulu and also you can unblock YouTube site as well as unblock Facebook if they are banned as well. The VPN tool works much better than the free proxy sites to access blocked websites.

How to Install and Use Hide My IP?

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to their official website and download the software on your computer. Click Here to download Hide My IP on your computer.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the software on your computer, install it and then open the VPN tool and you will see a window pop-up on your screen showing your real IP address just like in the image below.

hide my ip free version
Step 3: Just click on the Hide My IP button and it will start searching for a fake IP address and it will assign the fake IP to your browser.

hide my ip new
With a single click, you can change the IP address easily but with the free version, you won’t be able to select the location of the IP address. The free version of Hide My IP will assign you the IP that is available.

Hide My IP Settings:

There are a few settings in the VPN software that you can change to give you better user experience, so let’s take a look at that.

Quick Settings:

You will see a Quick Settings section on the interface right below the Hide My IP button. The quick settings section has 4 different options.

hidemyip quick settings

  • IP Rotation: Set the IP rotation to any number.
  • Launch on Startup: If you want the private proxy tool to launch at the start of your computer, tick this option.
  • Clear Cookies On IP Change: Use this option to clear cookies from your browser when you change the IP address.
  • Require US-based IP: If you want a fake IP address which is US-based, then select this option and the software will look for and assign you a US-based IP address.

Advanced Settings:

Along with the quick settings option, the software also comes with Advanced Settings that you can access by clicking the button next to HIDE MY IP button.

hidemyip advanced settings
In this section, you can use the browsers that you use to surf the Internet so that the VPN tool can assign a fake IP address properly and you can easily change the Browser header privacy settings.

You can also change the language of the software, encrypt your Internet connection with SSL, enable Smart IP rotation and discard certain IP addresses to avoid being assigned that IP in the future.

Hide My IP – Premium:

The free trial of the software is available for only 14 days and if you want to continue using the service, then you have to buy the paid subscription. You can get the paid version of the software for a one-time payment of $29.95.

With the premium service, you get some additional features which will allow you to use the private proxy tool to its full potential.

You can choose the IP location with the paid version of the software. Just select the location from the drop-down menu and an IP address from that location will be assigned.

hidemyip premium
Moreover, there are additional settings for Premium version. You can use the settings tab to hide your IP address for only web browsers or all Internet related applications. If you are more inclined to use the service with a particular app, then you can choose the particular service from the list for which you want to hide your IP address.

You can also select the same IP address that you used in your last session by selecting the last option in the premium settings area.

hide my ip premium settings

Wrapping Up:

At the end of the article, I will only say one thing that if you are looking for an amazing VPN and private proxy tool then you need to purchase the Hide My IP service as it is one of the best VPNs out there.

> Download Hide My IP software

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