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Host1Plus Affiliate Program – Earn Up to $115 Per Sale

There are hundreds of different ways to make money online like building a website, using pay-per-download sites, taking surveys, selling services, etc. But, out of them all, the best way to make money online would be Affiliate Marketing where you have to promote other people’s products and they pay you commission for every sale that you refer. Normally, affiliate programs pay you anywhere near $30-50 per sale but if you are looking for the highest paying program, then you should start promoting a hosting company like Host1Plus that pays you up to $115 per sale.

There are millions of new websites being created everyday and hosting sites give them a platform to host their sites. There is a huge demand for popular hosting companies like Host1Plus which leads to a great opportunity to make money. You can promote Host1Plus via social networks or create a separate blog to drive traffic. When you refer a customer and they buy a hosting plan, you can earn up to $115 per sale. So let’s see what the Host1Plus Affiliate program is all about!

Host1Plus Affiliate Program Overview

Host1Plus is one of the premium web hosting companies that provides great service to their customers. With clients all over the world and multiple data centers, Host1Plus has become a very popular choice for Shared hosting, VPS hosting as well as Dedicated and Reseller Hosting.

The company provides a number of hosting plans, so you can promote the service to a lot of interested people increasing the chances of making a sale.


It is extremely easy to get started with Host1Plus Affiliate program!

You will need to sign up as an affiliate so click on the link above to go to the affiliate page on Host1Plus website. (You don’t need to be a customer in order to be an affiliate.)

Once you create your account, you will get a confirmation email with the login details.

You can log in and use your unique link to drive traffic to the website and make sales. You can also use the promotional materials like the banners to promote the hosting provider.

To welcome you, you will get a $10 sign-up bonus credited in your account when you create one. They pay their affiliates regularly, so you will get your payment every month. Moreover, you can track your stats like clicks and sales using their real-time statistics and reporting.

How Much Can You Earn with Host1Plus Affiliate Program?

When you are promoting a product that only pays you $5-10 per sale, then there’s no point in promoting them as you are not going to make a lot of money unless you can make hundreds of sales.

However, that’s not the case with Host1Plus because you can make thousands of dollars per month by just getting them 30+ sales a month, i.e. 1 sale per day!

Host1Plus affiliate program pays you commission in 2 categories – one is for sales under $40 and the other is for sales of $40 and more.

host1plus affiliate program commissions

For sales under $40:

  • If you generate less than 15 sales a month of less than $40 each, then Host1Plus pays you 100% of the sale, no matter what the amount.
  • If you generate more than 15 sales a month, then you get 100% of the sale amount and an additional 25% of the sale amount.
  • If you make more than 25 sales a month, then you get 100% of the sale amount and an additional 50% of the amount you make.

For sales $40 and more:

  • If you refer a sale of $40 or more, then you get paid a fixed amount of $65 per sale.
  • If you generate 15 or more sales per month amounting to $40 or more per sale, then you get paid $90 per sale ($65 fixed amount + $25 additional).
  • And, if you generate more than 25 sales a month amounting to $40 or more, then you earn $115 per sale ($65 fixed + $50 additional).

Start Earning Money Today!

With the help of hosting programs like Host1Plus, you can easily make thousands of dollars per month in affiliate commissions. By easily, I don’t mean without any work. You will have to work smartly and put your affiliate link in front of as many interested buyers as possible so that you can refer tens of sales or maybe hundreds to make insane amount of money each month.

host1plus affiliate program overview

The best part about the program is that there is no limit at all! It means that you can generate 1 sale a month or maybe 100 or 500, it’s all upto you! If you reach a payment threshold every month, you will be paid your commission in full.

Become Host1Plus Affiliate today

That was the complete overview of the Host1Plus affiliate program and if you are interested in promoting them, then do let us know!

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