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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on WhatsApp

With more and more people joining and logging into the WhatsApp messenger app, you’re almost bound to run into somebody who you want to block, or who wants to block you. Perhaps you’ve been chatting with a person for the last month, but now they’re not answering your messages, and you’re left wondering if you’re being blocked or just ignored. Or maybe you’re wanting to block someone yourself, and want to make sure they won’t know. Well, now you can relax, because, whether you’re just curious to know if there are any ways to tell for sure if someone does block you, or if you think you’ve been blocked and want to find out for sure if your new best friend is not really your friend, this post has all the answers you’ll need. So stop stressing and start reading, because here’s some quick and easy ways to tell for sure if you’re being blocked on WhatsApp!

Check The “Last Seen” Time

Last Seen

One of the quickest and easiest ways to confirm your worries about being blocked is by checking your previous conversations. When a person blocks you on WhatsApp, you’ll be unable to see the “Last Seen” time in the conversation. So, if you think you are being blocked, check your messages to see if there’s a “Last Seen” time on them. Just remember that this is not a definitive answer though, because it is possible to set up your messaging account so that the “Last seen” time doesn’t appear to anyone. Thankfully, there are other ways to tell if you really have been blocked.

Try Sending A MessageSending Message

After looking at past messages, if you still suspect a person is blocking you, try sending them a message. After it is sent, look for the tick mark by the time sent indicator. A single tick indicates that the message was not received, or at least, not checked. However, you should keep in mind that there is a way to open messages without logging in, so this is not a definitive indication that you are blocked. Remember—if the double-check mark appears, then the message has been received and you are not blocked. There is nothing to say that they are actually reading them, but they haven’t blocked you!

Check the Updates

If, after you have done all you can to investigate your suspicions through messaging, you still want to find out whether or not you are blocked, try checking the person’s profile. If the information, posts, and pictures have not changed over an extended period of time, then it is likely that you are being blocked, as WhatsApp does not allow you to see updates on profiles that have blocked you. Do not forget that it is possible that the account is just hidden through WhatsApp’s privacy settings, and therefore does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked. However, there are still ways to tell for sure!

Dial That Number

unable to receive whatsapp calls at this time

Once you’ve finished investigating quietly, there’s a more direct approach you can take. A solid indication that you have been blocked is whether or not they will answer your calls. WhatsApp will not display your call indicator if you have been blocked. This makes it easy for them to ignore you. So, if you are still wondering whether or not they blocked you, try giving them a call! It might take a few tries to make sure they are not just missing your calls, but if they have not answered after about four calls, it’s pretty likely that they have blocked you. If you still want to verify your concern, there are more ways to tell for sure.

Ask Them To Join Up

A concrete way to tell if they have definitely blocked you is by adding them to a group. Simply create a group chat (it doesn’t even have to be a real one) and invite the person to join. If they blocked you, you will see a message that says “Couldn’t Add Contact”. You will not receive this message due to any privacy settings, so there is really only one reason you will ever see it—they’ve blocked you. Of course, you don not just have to accept this as proof, because there is still one more way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Enlist Help

If you are still not certain you have been blocked, consider asking a mutual friend for help. Have them login to WhatsApp and go to the person’s profile. If the profile information is not the same as what you see through your account, then you have indeed been blocked. Your friend’s messages can also be an indication—try going through the same steps with their messages that you did with yours earlier. If they are getting different results than you, you have been blocked. There is no way that they can fake information like that with WhatsApp account settings, so the information you are seeing is the real deal.

While WhatsApp is fun and really easy to use, it does have its flaws. So, while the suspicion of being blocked can be torture, you do not have to just accept the idea based off of your own intuition. By using your new knowledge of WhatsApp, you can get real, solid proof and put your mind at ease once and for all. And, as you now know, while there are many ways to see if it is possible that you have been blocked, there are only two ways to know for sure. So, if you have tried to get them to join a group and receive that message, and if your mutual friend logs in and sees a different profile than you do, then you can be sure that you are truly blocked. It can be a bummer, but the only thing left to do now is move on and find some new, better friends!

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