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How to Control Table Lifts or any Motion System via iPhone?

Control of actuators and motion systems presents an interesting scenario in the wake of dynamic and highly advanced Information and Communication Technology. This technology is being explored to create a platform on which actuators and other motion systems are controlled directly through advanced mobile devices such as iPhone. In these developments, the mode of connection and communication is critical in determining the effectiveness of these programs in controlling actuators, table-lifts and other motion systems.

The Wi-Fi Connection

According to http://actuatorzone.com, Wi-Fi connection plays a pivotal role in connecting and controlling actuators and motion systems. Wi-Fi connections have been largely considered in creation of smart homes in which individuals would control activities in the house by sending command signals from the iPhone to the actuators through the Wi-Fi connection. The Wi-Fi offers a platform for remotely controlling all the actuators through a software application that allows actuators and components of several motion systems to be connected to the Wi-Fi.

The single interface on the software application reduces the complexity of the connections to enable the smartphone user monitor the actuators, execute commands through the Wi-Fi connection and make adjustments to each of these connections. For instance, a user who wants to control the closing and opening of curtains at home would connect actuators and motion systems for different rooms in the house and connect them to the Wi-Fi where they can execute commands by choosing which windows to close or open.

How It Works?

The software application on the iPhone/smartphone combines all the actuator controls into a single interface, where the user sets time for activation, presets activation time and adjusts sequence of motion systems depending on the needs of the user. As opposed to traditional switches for table-lifts and other motion systems, the iPhone interface provides virtual buttons for speed controllers, timers and activation switches on a single platform.

iphone control
With a working Wi-Fi connection for actuator control, the user has the option to operate an individual actuator at a time or simultaneously operate multiple actuators. For instance, they can synchronize simple actuators for opening window curtains or driving an electronic wheelchair so that one the actuators are activated via Wi-Fi connection, the curtain close or open or the wheelchair moves along a ramp. One of the advantages of Wi-Fi supported iPhone application for motion systems is the ability to control table-lifts or other actuated motions remotely as long as the iPhone and the systems are Wi-Fi connected.


While Wi-Fi connection plays a great role in controlling table-lifts and other motion systems, the user is required to download Wi-Fi application and a control box which serves as the main synchronizer for actuators if the user operates a number of them. The control box enables the user to choose electronically connect the different actuators, group them and activate them on the Wi-Fi connection. From the control box, the user can customize actuator movements, record and pre-set activation of single or multiple actuators.

For instance, the user connects the TV unit to the control box which connects actuators that close fold the TV stand and closes the doors. Using Wi-Fi connections, the user’s iPhone app shows the status of the actuators which would lift, move or pivot objects in the motion systems.

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