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Snapchat: How to Find and Follow

Snapchat is a popular social media app that so many people use to keep in touch with their friends, family and of course, their favorite celebrities. The focus of this article is to explain how to find people on the app as it has proved to be quite troublesome. We will also talk about how to block and delete people as well. If you are reading and have not downloaded the app already, be sure to download it from the Apple App Store for your iOS, Android or Windows device.

For anyone that has Snapchat will know just how difficult it is to find and add new people to your followers list. Whether you choose to take a picture of a friend’s QR code or to search for a person’s username (regardless of how long they might be), there is a few ways that you can grow your follower group.

Step by Step

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to add people to your Snapchat contacts.Snapchat-1

1) Once you have the app installed on your device, open it and swipe down on the screen. Once this has been done, tap on the option that says ‘Add Friends’.

2) After the ‘Add Friends’ option has been selected, a new screen will appear and two more options will pop up. These give you two options to add people to your Snapchat friends.Snapchat-2

  • Option one is to add people by their usernames (if you know it).
  • Option two is to add people you know from your personal address book on your device.Snapchat-3

If you are aware of what a person’s username is, you can try connecting to them by typing that person’s username in and add them as a Friend by tapping the + sign.

If the username is unknown, you can use Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp to look for the username.

You cannot have any social media account and not follow someone famous. So to find and to add a famous person, you can normally find a celebrity’s username on their Twitter accounts or their accounts on their Facebook and/or Instagram pages.

Adding Friends with the Help of QR CodesSnapchat-QR-Code

Other than the ways that have already been mentioned in this article of adding people to Snapchat, there is one more way of doing this that most people would call unique.

Say for example that you are at some person’s party and you meet someone and want to connect with over the Snapchat app. What if they won’t give you their username? No problem! All that needs to be done is for you to open the app on your phone, and then point it at the other’s snapchat. All you need to do is to tap on the screen and voila, you’re connected to the other person’s Snapchat.

The app’s Ghost icon works similarly to that of a QR icon. Every Snapchat user has one. All you need to do is to take a screenshot of your profile ghost icon and share it on your other social media accounts. Your followers can the share th QR code online.

From the Address BookSnapchat-4

As mentioned before, people can also be added to your Snapchat by importing people from your device’s address book. On the Snapchat app, tap on the ‘Add from Address book’ button on the next tap screen and then press continue to proceed onto the next screen.

The app will then ask you once more to confirm. Once it has been confirmed, you will be taken to the next screen.

Once on this new screen, a list will appear of how many of your contacts are on Snapchat. From here, you can then add them by pressing the + sign that is next to their name in the list.

You can even add anyone who is not on Snapchat.

A Fixed Solution

There is a new feature that has been released with one of the most recent updates on the app. The app now has to the ability to create a personalized URL that can be sent to friends and other potential followers who may just want to follow you and be a part of your followers group.

Drop-Down Menu? No problem!

Unlike most social media platforms, Snapchat now has a new add friends feature that enables people to share their username with others to who whomever they want. Whenever someone clicks on the URL, the account is then added to a person’s friend list. Think of it of being similar to Twitter where people can add you to their followers list but you don’t have to follow them.

Adding someone who is already following you? We gotcha covered.

Got someone who is already following you but you aren’t following them… yet? Not a problem.

Basically, all you need to do are four simple steps.

1) The way that you know that someone is following you is when you see that the little ghost icon on your Camera screen will be yellow.

2) Simply touch the yellow ghost and it will take you to your profile.

3) Then click Added Me.

4) Then tap the plus symbol next to the person’s name that you want to follow. It will change into a tick symbol which will indicate that they have now been added to your followers list.

Putting Yourself Out There

Getting started on Snapchat for the first time? Well, there is a way of putting yourself out there to gain new followers. Here is a list of Snapchat user directories that you can search through for users and to add yourself to.

  • Ghostdir

  • AddMeSnaps

  • Snapcodes

  • Snapchat Usernames

  • Snapchat Directory

  • Ghostcodes: a Snapchat Discovery App

There is also Demographic Directories that can help you out as well.

  • Maximum Pop! Snapchat Directory

  • Snapchat User Directory

  • Higher Education/College & University Snapchat Directory

  • DevSnap

Searching for Usernames and Profiles

Believe it or not, Snapchat is one of the best messenger apps out there. There is more to the app then just chatting with friends. You actually need to add people and contacts in order to do this. There are few ways of getting the best out of the app. A couple of the search methods will be skipped as they have already been mentioned.

So the first is Snapchat Search.

Now, you might be asking, what is so special about this? Well, let me tell you.

There is now such thing as a silly question so it perfectly alright to ask as why you should use Snapchat Search to look for people that you might want to follow. Like with most other social media platforms, it is always fun if you have connections within that particular platform.

With so many millions of users, it reasonable to use Snapchat to look for people that a user might or may not know. In other words, Snapchat is not going anywhere within the near future as the app will grow to become more popular.

It does not matter if you are a school student looking for classmates to follow or you’re searching for some old friends from the old days, Snapchat allows you look for them in a whole different way.

With so many people on the app, it is possible that the person someone might be looking for, might not be on the app currently, but could be in the near future, due to the app’s increasingly popularity as it grows into a more dominating app.

There are built in techniques to help find people if you have their email address or a phone number. Though it is recommended that you know the person you are looking for a username. It will be more difficult however, if the user is looking for new people as the user might not like who they are wanting to talk to.

Searching for Contacts with Phone Numbers

Some users like to use phone numbers to search for people while looking for people on Snapchat. This also allows the user choose whether or not they want their profiles found by using the phone on either their iPhone or Android mobile phones. This search option is useful if your boss has your number but you don’t want them to know that you have a Snapchat account. Using only a phone number is probably the best option if the user only wants to add friends and relatives to their accounts.

How to Disable Allowing Search by Phone number

People are allowed their privacy and Snapchat is more than happy to allow people to have that. There is a way to disable the feature that allows people to look your profile up via a phone number.

Here’s how to do it.

1. If you are not in app, simply touch the Snapchat app icon. Once inside the app, swipe down to view the options and profile.

2.Touch the little gear icon on the top on the right hand side to get into the app’s settings.

3. There is a second option under My Account is Mobile Number. Tap it.

4. Once you have tapped the option mentioned above, you should now be able to see the phone number that Snapchat has in its records. It should also show which country that you, the user is located in. There is also an options that should say Allow friends to find me and it should be on.

5. Just switch the option off and that will stop people being able to find you via your phone number.

Blocking and Deleting

Having trouble with people who might be harassing you or perhaps you just want to delete people. No worries!

There are a couple of ways that you can block or delete people if you don’t want them to Snap with you. Whether they are harassing you or simply being annoying, you will find that it is super easy to block and delete people from your account. The blocking or deleting can also be reversed if needs be.

In order to block someone, that you have not friended but they have friended you, just go to Snapchat and swipe down on the screen. There is an option that says Added Me. Tap that. All this tells you is that they are following you but you are not following them. Once you have looked at the list, just swipe back down to the left next to the name of the person you want to block. Either select block the person or ignore them. They will not able to send Snaps to you.

Then there is the situation of deleting a friend from your contacts. The method of deleting someone is different to that of blocking someone.

Do what was done before but instead of choosing Added Me, choose select friends once you have swiped down on the screen. You will then see a list of your friends plus purple check marks sitting next to their names.

Just tap on the name you want to delete and tap the little gear icon on the right. The gear will then bring up a few options. The options will be to either edit the person’s username, to delete, block or to cancel the transaction. You can either choose to delete the chosen contact or to block them. You should also be able to manually delete any of your own Snaps if the need arises by doing this same technique.


Snapchat doesn’t have a built-in list of usernames. Plain and simple. If a user is looking for a people and they aren’t on your contact list, you might want to experiment and see if you can find the person by typing in a username and then pressing +. The app will tell you if you if the username is any association to someone’s profile.


It is safe to say that Snapchat is pretty easy to use once you know how to use it. While most apps only have one way of finding friends or following someone, Snapchat has a few and that is what makes it pretty unique app to use.

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