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How to Get Approved by Google Adsense in 2015?

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online but the main problem is to get approved by Google Adsense easily! If you have applied for an account, you might know that it is not that easy to get approved by it and start making money with the Pay-per click program. There are a lot of different variables that are considered when approving your site. But even if your application is rejected, it doesn’t mean that you can’t apply again. You can for as many times as you like!

So today in this article, we are going to see some simple strategy that you need to implement in order to speed up the approval process and get approved by Google Adsense in the very first try. If you are new to blogging, then this post will surely help you out a lot. I personally have tried this strategy and my site was approved in the first go! So let’s get started with the article and see how to get your application approved by Google Adsense program.

get approved by google adsense

Requirements to Get Approved by Google Adsense:

1. Quality Content

The number one thing that you need to make sure for getting your blog approved by Google Adsense program is the quality of the content on your site.

If your site doesn’t contain high quality articles and you are just publishing short articles of less than 500 words offering no value at all, then the chances of getting approved are next to none. You shouldn’t expect to get accepted in the program when you apply with a site with useless content.

So you have to make sure that you write only high quality articles on your blog no matter what. You don’t need to publish on a daily basis but at least make sure that whenever you publish an article, you give the best information to your readers and the new visitors that land on your blog.

2. About Page, Contact Page and Privacy Policy

The next thing you need to do is to add all the relevant pages on your blog like the About Us page and the Contact Us page.

Create a proper About page and tell your readers everything important that they need to know about you and your site. Also mention all the social accounts you have for your site like the Facebook Page, Twitter page or Google+ page so that your readers can follow you on the social networks as well.

Make it easy for anyone to contact you. Create a Contact page and add a form that people can fill out if they are looking for your assistance. Don’t use a fake email, always use a working email on your contact page and reply to all the emails, if possible.

Another important thing you need to have on your blog is the Privacy Policy. You have to create a privacy policy and mention all the information that you collect from the readers, the type of advertisements that you use or intend to use on the blog and everything that your readers have the right to know. You don’t need to write the complete Privacy policy on your own. You can use the various Privacy Policy generators and they will help you in making one for your site within minutes.

3. Number of Published Posts

The number of published posts on your article also makes a considerable impact on the prospects of the approval. If you have published just 4-5 posts on your blog and you think that it will be enough to get you in the Adsense program, then you are wrong.

You should consider to publish at least 40-50 high quality posts on your blog before thinking of applying to Google Adsense. By doing this, you will tell Google that your blog contains proper content that will attract more clicks, and when you have content published, there will be visitors as well so that helps in getting approved by Google Adsense.

So make sure to have at least 40 posts published on your blog and only then apply for Google Adsense monetization program.

4. Custom Email

If you are using a custom email for your domain name, like admin@domain.com and not something like admin@gmail.com, and using it to apply for Google Adsense then there are high chances that you application will be accepted.

You can easily create a custom email address using your hosting provider and get an email like, yourname@domain.com or admin@domain.com, whatever you like.

The process is extremely easy and you can also use either Google Apps or Outlook for creating a custom email address.

5. Search Engine Verification

When you start a blog, the first thing you need to do is add and verify your site in the various search engine so that the search engines know that they need to index a new blog and its posts and also all your upcoming posts will be indexed faster.

You can easily submit your blog in Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster tools by following some simple steps and when you submit, you will be given a meta tag that you have to paste in the code of your blog’s theme and once you have done it, you just have to verify it and you are done.

There are other search engines as well where you can submit your site and you can find the process easily by doing a quick Google search.

The reason this step is important is that when you apply your site in Google Adsense program, and none of your posts are indexed in Google, it will not approve your request. So submitting your site manually will speed up the indexing of your site.

6. Design

The design is not a very big factor by when you use a theme on your blog that is not at all user-friendly and a lot cluttered, your application might get rejected.

So you have to choose a WordPress theme or Blogger Template that is simple, loads extremely fast and is responsive and the one which allows your visitors to easily go to various pages and articles on your site with ease.

This is not a big factor but it will surely help in your application to get approved by Google Adsense program.

7. Decent Traffic

I personally think that traffic is not a factor at all when applying for Google Adsense because when I applied for the program, the traffic on my blog was barely 50 visits a day!

But I guess that the traffic didn’t matter because I had focused on other things like quality articles and proper design and other factors that I mentioned above.

But I would certainly recommend you to build some traffic on your blog before applying for Adsense program. You should at least have 50 visits a day! Getting that traffic is not at all hard, just do some sharing on Facebook and Twitter and your traffic will touch that number.

Will Your Application Get Approved by Google Adsense?

Of course, it will if you follow all the steps and don’t just rush in to apply for the program. It is always nice to wait while you build your blog and make some name for yourself in the online world.

Keep on publishing proper content and start building social following and relationships with new bloggers and once your blog is ready, you can apply for the program and I can guarantee it that in most cases, your application will be approved by Google Adsense in the very first go.

So if you haven’t been getting approved, then try a new approach and apply for the program and get approved by Google Adsense! All the best!

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