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How to Hard Reset or Force Restart and Reboot Your Apple Watch?

The shipping of Apple Watch has finally started and many of you who ordered the high-tech watch might have already got it on your hands. Like every other Apple product, Apple Watch can also be used if you have an iPhone. If you don’t have one then I don’t know why you bought the watch but you can always get an iPhone too. So since the Apple Watch is the first model, you should expect some bugs with your device. Most of these bugs causing malfunctions can be solved by restarting your Apple Watch so in this article, we are going to see who to perform a hard reset on Apple Watch and how to power off and reboot or restart your Apple Watch.

Every gadget faces situations every now and then like it shuts down apps automatically, gets stuck at some point or doesn’t respond to your commands. So you should have some basic knowledge as to how to restart the device and make it work again. When you are dealing with an expensive tech item like Apple Watch, you should know how it works and how to power it down or perform a hard reset. The main thing that you have to learn is how to restart or reboot your Apple Watch so that you can make your watch work again.

So if you wish to know how to power off/hard reset/reboot/restart your Apple Watch then keep on reading the article.

How to Power Off and Restart Your Apple Watch?

When you are facing some small issues and bugs in your Watch then you can just perform a simple restart on your device by powering down the watch. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Step 1: Press and hold the side button (not the Digital Crown) of your Apple Watch.
  • Step 2: A screen will pop up on the watch displaying 3 options – Power Off, Power Reserve and Lock Device.
  • Step 3: Now simply drag the Power Off slider to the right side to turn off your watch.
  • Step 4: To restart your device, press and hold the same side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

power off reboot apple watch
By following the above 4 steps, you will be able to turn off the Apple Watch and restart it to solve less serious issues and minor glitches.

How to Hard Reset or Reboot Apple Watch?

At times, you will face some issues like crashing or freezing in your Watch and it won’t respond to any of the commands. The best resort to solve this issue would be to simply restart your Apple Watch but what if your device is seriously frozen and it doesn’t respond to the side button as well.

At such a moment, you will be forced to perform a hard reset or force restart on your Apple Watch. This won’t delete any of your data and it won’t reset your watch to factory settings either. However, you should only use this option as the last resort.

Here’s how you can force restart your Apple Watch or perform a hard reset on it:

  • Get your Apple Watch and press and hold the “side button + Digital Crown” for abot 10-15 seconds until the device powers down and the Apple logo appears on the screen.

hard reset force restart apple watch
This will help you solve your problem. But as I said, don’t use this option too often and should only be used as the last resort.

I hope that you liked the article on how to hard reset Apple Watch. If you liked it, then do share it with your friends who bought the device and let them know how they can perform force restart Apple watch! [Credits]

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