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How to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog With Some Simple Steps?

In the blogging world, only two things are given the most importance. One is the amount of traffic a blog gets and the second is the rankings of that blog. Most of the time, the traffic depends on the blog’s ranking as well, but not all the times as some of the ranking factors like Pagerank and DA doesn’t depend on the traffic, but the quality of the inbound links to your blog.

One of the most important thing considered in the blog’s ranking factor is the Alexa ranking. There are many advertisers and the networks that give Alexa ranking more importance over any other factor. Many people think that lesser the Alexa rank, more the traffic to the blog; but that’s not the whole truth. Alexa works and gives your blog a better rank by tracking the visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed in the browsers. This is one reason that the blog’s based on blogging topics have a better Alexa rank than others as most of their visitors have Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.
But for the blog’s with other niches and not based on blogging niche, how can you improve Alexa rank of your blog? Here are some simple methods that you can follow to improve Alexa rank of your blog.
Improve Alexa rank Increase Alexa rank

Tips to Improve Alexa Rank of Your Blog

1. Install Alexa Toolbar in your Browser

The first thing you should do is install Alexa toolbar in your browser. As I said, the Alexa site tracks visitors who already have Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers and gives the rank accordingly. So you should too install the toolbar on your browser and also ask your friends to do the same so that whenever they visit your site, it will help to improve Alexa rank of your blog.

2. Get Blogging and Tech-Savvy Visitors

Try to get more targeted visitors who are into the blogging field or tech field. To do that, you should write on topics related to blogging and tech as this two niches attract highly targeted visitors and that’s the main reason you will see that most of the blogging and tech related blogs and sites have the lowest and the best Alexa rank compared to sites in other niches.

3. Install Alexa Widget on your Site

I don’t particularly think that this will help a lot in improving the Alexa ranking of your site but it will surely do something good. All you have to do is get the Alexa widget for your blog and place it in the sidebar or footer. There might be some effect of the widget in the Alexa ranking as many blogs have such widgets installed in the sidebars and footers.

4. Write High Quality Content Regularly

Your blog must be updated on a regular basis. I am not saying that you should update your blog daily, but keep a proper frequency for publishing the articles. This will not only help your readers but will also make the search engines know the time when your blog is updated. Try to post only high-quality content on your blog and don’t worry about the time you are publishing. Make it a habit to publish only high quality content and if it is possible, keep a regular posting schedule for your blog.

5. Blog Commenting and Backlinks

If you are a blogger and you are not commenting on other blogs, then you are missing out on many things that are considered important in the blogosphere. By commenting on different blogs, you will establish a new relationship with the blog owner and also with other bloggers who are commenting on that blog. You will get new readers to your blog. Apart from new relations and some new readers, you will even get high quality backlinks from the popular blogs that will help you in improving search engine rankings and even in improving Alexa ranking.

6. Promote Your Blog on Social Networks

Promoting your posts on social networks or sharing them socially wasn’t considered a big factor until now, but with the latest Google algorithm changes, the important of social influence have changes a lot. Now if you are not social with your blog then you might not get the best results from your efforts. Share your blog posts on leading social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and even some other content curation sites like Scoop.it as well. Don’t limit yourself with this networks only as there are many others too to share your content on and get highly targeted traffic and social shares.

Your Views to Improve Alexa Rank of a Blog:

If you are willing to improve Alexa rank of your blog, then you should start implementing the above methods right now as they are the first things to do when it comes to Alexa rank. I won’t say that there are no other method to gain a better Alexa rank in a short interval of time, but for a long lasting Alexa rank, you should always go with the legitimate way only.

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You might too might be knowing some really cool and effective tips to improve Alexa rank of a blog, so I would love if you could share them with our readers and help us in gaining a better Alexa rank in a short interval of time.

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