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Infolinks Review – Best In-Text Advertising Network

When you have a blog, then you will be looking for a lot of ways to earn money with it. And it’s okay because you are putting in a lot of efforts and hard work in building your blog, so expecting monetary gains is normal. There are literally thousands of different ways that you can use to make money online but when it comes to monetizing a blog, there are only a few advertising networks that are worth joining. One of them is Google Adsense, which is everyone knows about and the other one is Infolinks, which everyone should know about.

Infolinks is an in-text advertising program that scans the content on your site and converts some of the keywords into advertisements that pop-up when the mouse cursor hovers over it. This makes it the best network to use on your blog. In this article, we are going to see the complete Infolinks review along with the steps on how you can sign up with Infolinks and start showing ads on your blog to make money with it.

Introduction to Infolinks

Infolinks was founded in 2007 and since then it has become the 3rd largest ad marketplace in the whole world serving over 2.3 billion ad views monthly.

In the past, Infolinks has offered multiple ad formats for bloggers and webmasters and always experimented with different formats so that they can give the publishers the best results. Currently, Infolinks offers 5 ad formats that you can show on your blog.

The reason why you should use Infolinks on your blog is that now people don’t click on banner ads a lot as they used to do some years back. This is called banner blindness and when you us a lot of banners on your blog, thinking that you will make more money that way; you will end up with nothing.

infolinks review

Infolinks is the best program to fight banner blindness because it is an in-text advertising network and you don’t need to add banners to monetize your traffic.

Ad-formats Overview

As I said, currently Infolinks offers 5 different ad formats to publishers – in-text, in-tag, in-fold, in-screen and in-frame ads.

You can use all of them or a combination of 2-3 ad formats on your blog to get the best results. I personally recommend you to go with fewer ad formats instead of using all of them because you don’t want to scare away your readers by showing them a lot of ads.

InText Ads:

InText ads scans the content of your article and converts certain keywords in the most relevant ads. These ads appear only when your visitors hovers the mouse cursor over the keywords.

infolinks intext ads

InTag Ads:

InTag ads displays the most ads relevant to the content of your page. This format shows either keywords blocks or image blocks below your article.

infolinks intag ads

InFold Ads:

The InFold ads combines the power of search and display advertising to deliver ads that are most relevant to your visitors’ recent search history. This ads will slide up from the bottom of the page.

infolinks infold ads

InScreen Ads:

InScreen ads functions as an “ad intermission” between page views. These ads appear on the page when the ads are triggered, either at the entrance, between internal pages or at the exit point.

infolinks inscreen ads

InFrame Ads:

This ad format shows two vertical banner ads on each side of your blog utilizing the background space. Use this ad format with caution because it might make your blog look like a banner farm.

infolinks inframe ads

How to Integrate Infolinks Ads in Your Blog?

Integrating the Infolinks ads on your blog is extremely simple. You just have to sign up with the network and wait till your website is approved, which will only take 1-2 business days.

Once you have received the approval mail, you need to log in to your Infolinks account, click on the Integrate button on the top menu, choose your website from the drop-down menu and then choose your blogging platform and finally paste the code to your blog’s source code.

infolinks ads integration

If you are using WordPress, then you can download the official plugin and install it on your blog and that’s it. The ads will now start appearing on your site.

How to Customize the Ads in Infolinks?

If you want to customize the ads, then it is also extremely easy to do so. All you need to do is login to your Infolinks account and go to the customization tab by clicking on the Customize button in the menu.

From the drop-down menu, you can choose the website that you want to customize the ads on and then you can select the ad format.

For InText ads, you can change the color of the ads, change the underline to dotted to double lines, select the number of links per page or turn off the ads for any particular website.

For InTag ads, you can select the location of the tags to appear – top, bottom or both, you can choose the number of lines and the link color. There is another option to activate the Revenue Booster feature which will show either text, display and recommendations ads on your blog.

For InScreen ads, you can change the color of the ad units and select trigger point for the ad to appear like at entrance, between internal pages or when the user exit your site.

There are no changes in InFold and InFrame ads. You can simply change the color of the ad units, but apart from that there is nothing to customize in these ad formats.

Infolinks Review – Referral Program

If you don’t want to show ads on your website, but you would still like to make money with Infolinks, then there is a great referral program offered by Infolinks where you can earn upto 10% of the earnings of your referred publishers.

infolinks referral program

Once you sign up with Infolinks, you will see a Referral option in the menu. When you open it, you will find a unique referral link that you can use to refer your friends to join the network.

When someone joins the network using your referral link, you will make 10% of their entire month’s earnings for the first 12 months. Imagine, how much can you make if you refer 100 or more publishers to the network.

You will be able to make a lot of money without any extra effort. Just join the network and start referring people and make passive income.

How to Join Infolinks?

Joining Infolinks is very easy as it doesn’t have a tough approval process like Google Adsense. You can simply sign up with the network, specify your website and wait for 1-2 days and you will get the mail specifying that your account and website has been approved.

To sign up with Infolinks, click on the below signup button and then fill out the form to join the network. Click on the button below.

>> Join Infolinks <<


If you are serious about making money with your blog, then you need to sign up with Infolinks ad network because you will be able to increase your monthly income with your existing traffic.

Sign up with Infolinks, use the program on your blog and then come back here to share your experience with the in-text advertising program.

If you liked our Infolinks review, then share the article with your friends! If you have any queries, drop your comments below.

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