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Best iTunes Hacks You Didn’t Know About (or did and you forgot)

Who Sings This Song?

Everyone has had this happen. You are at a bar with your friends, out shopping at the grocery store, or just riding in your car and suddenly a song pops up that you’ve like but you have no idea who sings it or the name of it. Time to call upon Suri to help you. If you ask Suri “what song is this”, she will automatically find the song for you and you can click on the iTunes link to purchase the song at moment and it will be added to your library of music. You will now need to find another topic to argue about with your friends (or you could be the ultimate winner of “Name That Tune.” The power is in your hands after all.

But What About My Plastic Coaster Collection – or CDs?

Every adult over thirty at some point faces the same dilemma. You find yourself packing up to move across country or perhaps you’re just doing some spring purging. Right there, taking up shelves of space is your pride and joy. Your music collection. It holds your best memories of high school and college. Music that reminds you of friends and first loves (or first heartaches) and you just can’t bear to get rid of. But folks, it is 2016. There is no need to hold onto that collection. iTunes has an awesome feature called iTunes Match. Even if you’ve taken the leap and downloaded those CDs. All you have to do is import your CD into your iTunes. Then delete but don’t select “Also Delete This Song from iCloud”. You can now re-download it from the cloud and it will be upgraded version.

How About Them Apples?

Do you remember the famous scene of Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon shows off his knowledge to the snooty Harvard student? Well, iTunes has given us all the chance at a Harvard education for free. Available in iTunes is a feature called iTunes University where everyone has access to a recorded classes from the biggest schools like Harvard and Yale. Now you have ability to learn philosophy or business from the best and brightest at no cost. It’s totally up to you if you decide to use that to further your career or just to show off to the pretty brunette at the bar. We won’t judge you one bit.

Want to Be a Juke Box Hero?

While coming up with super creative play lists sounds like an excellent idea at the time, the truth of the matter remains that most of us just aren’t that good at it. Music is an emotional thing and the play list you’re craving is all about the mood that you’re in at that time. And listening to one song will bring up a memory of another song that you want to listen to next. Give up on coming up with the most creating playlist. Instead, use the “Up Next” feature. With this feature, you can queue up the next song that you want to hear. You basically have the ability to hog your personal jukebox with song after song of your favorites.

Doesn’t iTunes know I Hate This Song?

You had a moment of weakness and “accidently” down loaded “Mmm Bop” or the best of Spice Girls. You aren’t completely sure how it got into your iTunes library, but it’s has become a member of your permanent playlist. And every time it comes on you skip the song because you really only wanted to hear it that one time. You had never meant for it to be a regular in your ear buds. It’s like the one nightstand that keeps showing up where you regularly hang out with your friends. I know, I have thought to myself “Why doesn’t iTunes recognize I skip this song every time it comes on?”” Now is your chance to do some purging of the music variety. Select songs from the My Music screen, then right click on the headings and go to the Skip option. From there you can see the songs you skip the most and delete them from your playlist. Now, if only getting rid of that mistake from Valentine’s 2014 was that easy.

Because If a Bank Can Do It…

I personally have thought to myself, why I must type in those pesky numbers from the back of my iTunes gift card. I mean, the font must be a size 6. No one can really read those tiny numbers without reading glasses. Or hobbits that read them aloud to you. iTunes has made it easier for you to use that iTunes gift card that Aunt Thelma got you last Christmas. If you have a camera on your computer, you can select redeem with camera from the iTunes store. From there you can scan the card with a scanning feature that will appear on your camera. After all, if you can deposit a check from your phone, you should be able to redeem your iTunes gift card without pulling out the reading glasses!

Pictures or Music? What’s a Girl to Do?

Sometimes it is so hard to choice what it is most important to me. Another picture of my dog sleeping or listening to my favorite songs. Either way, it’s causing my to make some serious choices in my phone life else I might find myself having to make a critical in the moment decision of what to delete… music or pictures… from my phone. And no one should have to make that emotional of a decision in the moment. Along comes iTunes to save the day. You can now alter your top 25 playlist to allow it to instead be your top three hundred playlist. Now, instead of having thousands of songs downloaded on your phone, you’ll have the top three hundred songs that you listen to you on your phone. With that sort of space freed up, feel free to take another hot dog legs pictures. Or a selfie with your favorite pooch.

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