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Learn a Language By Talking With People

A Review of the HelloTalk Language Exchange App on Android and iOS  


Learning a new language has never been easier, yet it is still a very challenging thing to do. The biggest reason for this is that we try to learn the language on our own. We actually learn better when we speak with other people in the same language. HelloTalk is a language exchange app for Android and iOS that gets you in touch with other people who want to learn your native language and vice versa.

How it works  

Here are the basics of Hello Talk:

  • You input your native language and the language you want to learn
  • You find people who natively speak the language you want to learn
  • When you find a match, you chat with them and get to know them
  • You can then teach each other your languages and get to correct mistakes

Ease of use  

HelloTalk turns out to be easy to use because it behaves exactly like a messaging app such as WhatsApp. Only instead of contacts you see other people who want to learn your native language. The search function is also very easy to use. Basically, once you have entered the two language names, it will turn up a list of people who might want to pair up with you for learning.

Sometimes, the people who are a good match for you are not online at the time you search for them, the alternative way is to use search filter, and sort by online status. You can, in that case, leave a message for them to read when they do get online. Sometimes they reply and other times they won’t for various reasons (maybe they are already actively working with another user). The app does not limit you to a single language to learn.

Finding a balance  

Because how well you learn a language depends on the communication between two people, you may want to take some time to talk with different people at first. This also gives you a chance to test various features of the app. Some of the features you will find useful include:

  • Sending and receiving audio snippets for languages so you can evaluate progress
  • Correcting language use right within the message for faster feedback
  • Language exchange mode, which reminds both users to switch languages in case one language dominates
  • Translating your message automatically to your target native language
  • Get your smartphone to read out the message loud so you can hear what it sounds like in real time

Getting the best out of HelloTalk  

The app is quite good and feature complete as it is. Here are some things you can do to speed up learning another language while teaching the other person your language. Be clear about what and how much you want to learn. This way you won’t waste time chatting with others.

Also have some topics in mind beforehand, so you don’t have to waste time with small talk. If you are patient enough to work with HelloTalk for a sustained period of time, you will find out that you learn the other language much more easily and in a much shortest time. It is highly recommended by many users across nations.

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