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Speeding Up Your Slow Gmail Account

Speeding Up Your Slow Gmail AccountLoad Gmail Faster

Google provides a free email service to consumers called Gmail. It has become a very popular email service since it allows for consumers to use this free of charge, and has several features about it that many believe makes it one of the best email providers out there. With this being said, there is still some complaints about how slow the Gmail takes to load up. This may result in a person feeling as though they are not getting a perfect email service. However, there are several ways in which you can speed up your Gmail service, and they are really not hard to do at all.

Standard Versus Basic HTML View

When you upload Gmail, you are going to find that there are two views in which you can utilize to view your emails. These are the standard view and the basic HTML view. When you first sign in you will find that you are seeing the Standard version of Gmail. However, this is where your email load up could be slowing down. The standard version is meant for those who have a high-speed internet connection. Thus, if your speed is not high, you could find that it takes several minutes for the email to load up.

When complaints are filed to Google about the speed of email upload, the view settings are one of the first things that the technical support agents are going to suggest. With this being said, we are now going to look at how the basic html view can be setup and how this is going to help with your email loading faster.

Understanding the Basic HTML ViewGmailLoadBasicHTML

For those who are having issues with their Gmail upload speed, then going to the basic html view can be one of the easiest ways to get your email running faster than ever before. This is still the same Gmail that you know, however, it is simply meant to be used with slower Internet connection. The reason why the basic is going to run better for the slower Internet connections is because it is not going to include all the additional features that most people find with the Standard view.

The feature that are limited are usually those that you cannot access due to having a slower connection. For example, you may have a hard time of accessing Google Docs or the Calendar feature of Gmail. You will also find that keyboard shortcuts may not be in use. The message composing features like spelling correction, formatting and the like are going to be gone. You will also not be able to manage your contacts on Google when the basic version is being utilized. However, in the end, you do get to see your email faster than before, so many find that this is worth it.

Switching to the Basic View

Switching to the basic view in Gmail is rather simple. However, there are several methods for doing this. You can do this immediately without having to go through any steps, by simply having the basic view of Gmail automatically load up. This is through using a direct link into your browser. For those who are using a PC, the link is going to be http://mail.google.com/mail/h. For those who are utilizing their mobile and need to do this in basic view, they are going to want to type in https://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=HTML or through opening up m.gmail.com. In either situation, they will have basic Gmail loaded onto their device.

For those who have already signed in and have waited several minutes for their Gmail emails to show, then they are going to want to convert from their Gmail account in order to see the entire list of emails within seconds rather than minutes. Keep in mind that with a slow connection, it could mean taking several minutes to see numerous lists of emails. While still in the standard mode, refresh your screen. While this is reloading, look to the bottom right corner and click on the “Load Basic HTML (for slow connections)” link. Now Gmail is going to load the basic view, and you will find that this much faster.

If you do not want to use the direct link, you can also click on the “Load Basic HTML (for slow connections)” while you are on the loading screen for your email. You do not have to refresh if you want to do this first.

Making Basic View Permanent

It can be annoying to have to switch to the basic view each time that you sign on to check on your email. That is why there are options for making this more permanent. One of the fastest ways to do this is to bookmark the email page while it is in basic view. With this in place, you simply have to utilize the bookmark to access your emails. This is going to be the way to go, no matter what type of browser that you are using.

For those who utilize Google Chrome, they have the additional option of adding an extension in order to make Gmail load with the basis view. You simply have to add in the Basic Gmail Toggle extension to your browser. This is going to add in a toolbar that is going to allow you to switch freely between the Basic and standard views of Gmail as you see fit.

Though the Gmail basic view may limit you on what you can do while in this view, it is still the better option for those who are having issues with their Gmail accounts loading slowly. However, if you have a fast internet connection, the Basic version is going to be a waste of your time, since your browser and connection speed can easily handle the standard version of Gmail. For those who are still having issues with their Gmail uploading, then they are going to want to look to the technical support team for answers on what the issues could be and how to correct these.

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