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How to Screen Cast your OnePlus Smartphone to Samsung Smart TV

Screencast is a new feature and it’s going wild day by day. The feature is being used to connect the smartphones with the smart TVs these days. Here is a guide to screen cast your OnePlus smartphone to Samsung Smart TV.
It’s not a quick guide but, it’s not tough, at all. You need to simply go through the procedure mentioned down here and once for all, this connection will establish to fix things up.

This method is going to work with OnePlus One, 2, 3, 3T and X device models. So, it is going to work with every OnePlus smartphone released so far.

Before you start with the process, it’s advisable to check the available updates with the device. If OnePlus has pushed a software update for the device, it is recommended to move ahead with the same and make it installed.

To make that thing work, go to the Settings and scroll down to the About section. Over here, you’ll find an option to quickly tap and start the update procedure. It will require Wi-Fi connectivity and once the update files are installed, the device will ask your permission to proceed with the update. Go ahead with the same and keep things updated!

Screen cast OnePlus smartphone to Samsung Smart TV

Now that we have cross-checked all the prerequisites, it’s time to begin with the actual process and get over with the things. All you have to do is, proceed with the following steps, as it is.

Step 1 – Move into the Settings of your OnePlus smartphone or scroll down the notification area. We have to turn ON the Wi-Fi connectivity from either areas.

Step 2 – Now, inside the Settings, tap on the three-dots which sit besides the Wi-Fi toggle.

Step 3 – It will open the Advanced Option once you tap on the same. Tap on the Wi-Fi Direct option now.


Step 4 – Now, tap on the Menu button of the Smart TV remote and move inside the Network. Yes, open it!

Step 5 – Inside the same, click on the Wi-Fi Direct and Screen Mirroring option.

tap wifi direct

Step 6 – Once the Wi-Fi Direct is enabled on the Smart TV, you’ll find its name showing up on your OnePlus smartphone. Tap on the same to establish the connection between the smartphone and smart TV.

Step 7 – Go into the Network settings on the TV and click on the Screen Mirror option. On the same time, go to the Display settings of your OnePlus


Open Networkcheck Wi-Fi-Direct

Step 8 – Scroll down into the Display settings and tap on the Cast option. Once you interact with this option it will finish off the procedure.


Within a span of couple of seconds, the device will be mirrored with the smart TV.

Now, the OnePlus smartphone to Samsung Smart TV connection is established, which we call Screen Cast. You don’t need to worry about anything else right now, as the connection is all set to be used.

All your device’s screen will be shown on the device and you can see a lot of things right on the bigger TV. You can even watch images or videos captured using the smartphone on the bigger and smarter TV easily.

Let me know if anything didn’t go well as mentioned above and an issue come up. We will try to find the issue and will fix it down for sure.

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