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MoboMarket Review – An Alternative to Google Play Store

Although, there are many smartphones available running different operating systems, only two OSes are leading the market and they are Android and iOS. Personally, I use and love Android OS and so does the rest of the world as Android takes up 82.8% of the smartphone market. The huge variety of apps and customization options are the reason Android is able to hold the number one position. And if you own an Android device, then you are going to download a lot of apps and games to do various tasks. Most of the people use Google play Store to download apps, but there are many amazing alternatives to Google play Store that you must use as they offer more features.

In this article, we are going to see MoboMarket review which is considered to be of the best alternative to the Play Store. If you have used Google Play Store on your phone, then you might know that it doesn’t work properly all the time. If your Internet speed is not high, then it will give you the connection timed out error. So, you need an app store that doesn’t give you a hard time when you want to download new apps. That’s when you should use MoboMarket on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Introduction to MoboMarket

MoboMarket, which was established in 2012, is one of the best Android app stores in the world which provides users from around the world access to over 500,000 high-quality free apps and games.

The app store provides only the best apps from trustworthy app developers. You will never download an app from the store that will harm your device in any way. Moreover, the MoboMarket team keeps on improving the app store to make it more user-friendly by providing new features and lots of great content.

mobomarket review for android

The app just launched a brand new version with a better UI and new features that will help all the users, who are looking to download new Android apps, to communicate in a more friendly way.

MoboMarket Features:

  • Brand New UI: The application has launched a new version recently featuring a brand new user-interface to improve the user experience. Moreover, the new design looks more stunning and elegant.
  • Win Exclusive Rewards: With the new account system, the users can now own a private account where they can log in events and win prizes easily. This approach has been taken to provide a friendly environment to the users so that they can have fun while searching and downloading new apps.
  • Forum/User Group: This is a new section in the app store where you can communicate with other users and exchange thoughts on your favorite apps and games and find new ones to download.
  • Localized Content: The content in the app market is what makes it good and with MoboMarket, you not only get free games, apps and wallpapers in high-quality but there will be a lot more for you to access.

MoboMarket Review

You can go to the MoboMarket homepage from where you can download the application and install it on your Android device.

When you launch the device, you will see that there are various sections on the homepage that takes to the apps, games and wallpapers. You can also use the search box on top to look for any particular app or game.

The Discover section gives you the list of the apps that are latest. Moreover, it has two different tabs on top – Must Have and Collections – that you can use to download the best apps on the store.

mobomarket discover screen

The next section is for Apps. You will find all the apps compatible to your device listed in this section. You can tap on any app to check out its details or simply click the download button next to it to install the app.

If you want to go through all the apps according to their categories, then you can click on the Categories tab on top. You can also see the top downloaded apps using the Top Charts tab.

The next section is to download Games and here you will find all the amazing games that you can install on your device for free. You can view the games according to their Categories or use the Top Charts tab to look for the most popular game.

mobomarket games

Not a lot of app stores offer this option, but MoboMarket offers you to download high-quality Wallpapers on your Android device. You can scroll through the best wallpapers or click on the tab to search for wallpapers on various topics.

mobomarket wallpaper screen

In the Exclusive section, you will find all the exclusive apps and games that are listed based on the apps that you love and have downloaded on your device.

mobomarket exclusive

When you download multiple apps and games on your Android device, you can go to the Download Manager and see the progress of the apps. You can also see your complete download history in this section along with a list of popular apps and games that you can download.

mobomarket download manager

The Tools section is very important because this is where you will have to come to keep all the apps on your device updated. You can use the Uninstall Manager to remove the apps installed on your device and scan your phone to see if the installations are secure or not.

mobomarket tools

You can access the Settings tab where you can change them according to your requirements. You can enable/disable non-WiFi download alert, auto-update on WiFi, delete packages, parental controls and permissions from this tab.

You can also check whether there are any new updates for MoboMarket from here so that you always use the latest version of the app store.

mobomarket for android settings

Download MoboMarket

If you want to use any other app store other than Google Play Store, then the best option is MoboMarket. You can use the below link to download it on your device directly.

Download MoboMarket

Download the app store on your Android device, use it and come back here to share your views on how the MoboMarket app works. If you liked our MoboMarket review, then share it with your friends.

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