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Is Your Moviebox Unable to Open on IOS 8?

Nowadays, a lot of people are using their smartphones as entertainment portals. MovieBox is a popular app that is commonly used by many people to stream movie content on their gadgets. The process of installing MovieBox on iOS devices isn’t complicated. However, there are times when challenges occur. Hiccups that compromise the performance of MovieBox on IOS devices can be frustrating but fortunately, there is a remedy. If you own an IOS 8 and you realize you’re unable to enjoy MovieBox, the following steps can help you to solve this problem.movie-box is not opening

A good number of modern day Apple Devices run on iOS 8 version and numerous concerns have been raised about this problem. The process described below is guaranteed to reopen MovieBox on your gadget. It is important to ensure that all steps have been followed.

Just like other apps do when they crash, MovieBox will suddenly cease functioning and this will cause your phone to act up. The first thing you should do is to close the app immediately. Since you’ll be unable to close it as usual, go to the task manager and stop the app.

Stopping the application isn’t enough. It’s better to completely Quit the application. The process is straightforward.

On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the iOS settings. Go the General tab and find the Date and Time Setting.

Go to Time and Date tab and disable automatic updates. Change the date to September 1, 2014. For the time, you can select anything you want.

Once you’re done, return to the home screen.

Return to the Date and Time Setting under iOS settings and set Automatic Update back to ON.

Once you’re done, re-launch the MovieBox application. This time round, the app should begin without crashing. You’re free to use it without having to worry about any further service disruptions.

In as much as the process may look awkward, it is the easiest and guaranteed way to ensure you use MovieBox on your Apple device. The trick is to simply deactivate and reactivate the Date and Time Setting.

A question that many users could have is why does MovieBox app crash?

Every time an app that exposes the weakness of iOS begins to gain popularity, Apple always moves in quickly to ensure that loopholes are immediately addressed. Apple usually takes this action particularly on apps using certificates that unlock some sets of permission. MovieBox is a famous app that uses certificate authentication to allow users enjoy videos. This is precisely why a lot of people say the app crashes after updating to iOS because all the certificates MovieBox relies on have been blacklisted by Apple. The good news is this problem has a solution and you can continue to watch your movies without interruption. MovieBox usually crashes after its certificates have expired.

So, how does Turning OFF and Turning ON the application help to get the app running again?

When you disable and re-enable the Time and Date function, a new set of certificates are created which facilitates the functioning of the app and prevents the certificate from crashing again. Every time the MovieBox app crashes, repeat the same procedure described above. It is a simple process and once you have done it once, your subsequent fixes will be easier and faster.

The good thing is so long as you’ve followed all the steps, you have no reason to worry. Unfortunately, the problem of MovieBox app crashing on iOS 8 devices can be solved permanently. You will need to keep fixing your crashed MovieBox app from time to time because the app isn’t on App Store. As a third party app, it’s expected that hiccups might arise and this could probably explain why Apple has never made it official and the developer has found their own way of making it compatible with Apple devices.

Even with these challenges, a lot of Apple users still love MovieBox because it’s incredible when it comes to offering a wide variety of content for absolutely free. Many users are willing to still use the app despite the crashing problem. But with the fixing process described in this article, you’re guaranteed an exciting entertainment experience.

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