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5 Best Music Players For Android

The days were gone when most of the people looking for good music players, as Android phone’s has revolutionized the listening experience with offering some great music features. One can argue about the better audio quality of a quality music players—but Smartphone satisfies the need of over 95% of music lovers with its Best Music Players apps nonetheless. Therefore, we can say Smartphone is a best available option when it comes to listening to your favorite numbers either in your living room or on the go as well. Here are 5 best music players for Android

However, listening music on Smartphone is a tricky business mostly! Apart from some quality inbuilt music apps of reputed Smartphone brands—some unbranded Androids offers you an ordinary inbuilt music app that won’t give you the desired audio quality. Undoubtedly, a quality audio app of a Smartphone surely helps enhances the pleasure of listening music on your Smartphone, for sure. In our today’s write-up, we will introduce you to some top music apps that will add pleasure to satisfy your music listening needs.

5 Best Music Players For Android

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramps has been around for quite some time, and still it worth using on your Android device. This fantastic music app offers you some of the finest features that augment your pleasure of listening music. It’s enticing yet complicated interface is required you to manage the system with a bit of effort. It supports most of the prevailing music formats such as MP3, MP4, ogg, WMA, tta, and FLAC etc. in addition to Play List formats such as m3u8, wpl and pls as well.

Its Playback feature offers support for crossfade, gapless playback, replay gain and dynamic que; in addition, its supports the lyrics searching feature called MusiXMatch plugin. It’s changing themes and skin to personalized your display is also a worthy feature. It uses 4 different widgets with ten diverse looks that help entice the apps look even.

It’s music controls are just superb, either tuning a bass or making the adjustments with treble, each feature offers you a quality of rhythmic sound, while its graphic equalizers, expansion Stereo support, mono mix, Balance, every feature works perfectly to adds to user’s music experience. It’s best of the lot when it comes to extended features! Nothing left behind in the Poweramp media player for Android. The app is available in both free and paid version, in which the paid version can be bought at $3.99. The free or trial version can be used for 14-days’ time period, recurring to the paid version at $3.99. So try Poweramp and experience music at its best in Smartphone.

Rocket Music Player

Also, one of the most renowned music playing apps on Android regarded heavily for its enormous features/options. The user interface of Rocket Music Player is of materialistic design which makes it more functional, from a technical point of view. The app supports various formats such as mp4, ogg, m3u, m4a, m3u8, and so much more. Additionally, Rocket Media Player can effectively play podcasts, videos, and even play the music of various types. Augment the experience of listening music by altering sound quality using 5-band equalizer presets.

The response this Android music player got from the general public is overwhelming. The most regarded feature in Rocket Media Player is its support for live/dynamic playlist, and manager of the playlist as well, as this makes easier for everyone to play their favorite songs on just one single tap. So, are these qualities not enough to pick Rocket Media Player in the 5 best music players for Android? Try it either for a free limited version or buy at $3.99.

BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer is said to have made such an impression on its audiences that is profoundly everlasting as a great Android music player. Like expected by its name, BlackPlayer consists of a classical black interface with several options and features at hand. Among some great features, there is support for bass boost, 3D surround, and to use any third party equalizer you like it. Additionally, BlackPlayer supports countless multimedia formats like FLAC, Wav, mp3, ogg, and others.

But if you don’t like its black interface for some reason, then be sure that BlackPlayer is highly customizable and user-friendly. You can add themes and different colors to this app as per your liking. The app is available in both paid and free version, the pro version dubbed as BlackPlayer EX. The professional version includes various amazing features and options for the user. The pro version costs $2.00 (cheaper than others).

Pixel Music Player

Pixel Music Player is one of the latest to arrive and make it big on the Android scene. This app contains the modern interface, but easier to control at the same time. It will give you all the latest features with supporting all the famous formats like Wav, mp3, FLAC, ogg, etc. You can additionally integrate external equalizer according to your preferences. And there is also more in Pixel Music Player for your Android. You can try it out for free and or buy the pro version with full features at $2.24.

Google Play Music

Finally, what could be more suitable for an Android platform then a music app by its own founder Google? Well, so here I bring the last in the 5 best music player for Android and that is the simple Google Play Music app. Google Play Music does not only provide you service in playing your audio files, but it effectively plays video and streaming services as well. One additional feature along with many in this app makes it really unique, it’s the cloud services that you will get additionally.  Try Google Play Music and see how easier it will become to listen, share, and manage your music in Smartphone.

So, which of these 5 best music players for Android would become default media player in your smartphone?

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