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Top Parental Control Apps For Android

Children today grow up immersed in the Internet culture, which allows them the ability to research and explore ideas beyond what they might find in physical books at the library. However, complete freedom on the Internet can be dangerous for children without the proper boundaries. These boundaries should not only include controlling the content that children are exposed to but also controlling the amount of time they spend on the internet now that cell phones, additive gaming apps, and tablets are so readily available. Thankfully, there are several apps that provide both of these services.

F-Secure Mobile Security

F-Secure Mobile Security is a general mobile security app that can provide benefits for both adults and children that use it. It provides general security features like protection against viruses, hacker attacks, spyware, and identity theft. It also provides a service that will automatically erase all of your data on command if your phone is ever lost or stolen. F-Secure Mobile Security’s parental control functions include controlling your child’s Internet browsing capabilities, restricting the use of certain apps, and protecting all kinds of sensitive data that may be saved on your device. One of the biggest advantages of installing F-Secure Mobile Security is that this app is not clearly labelled as a parental control app (so your children won’t know that they’re internet use is being monitored) and that it functions as both a general internet security app and a parental control device so you only have to download one single app rather than two.

Screen Time

Screen Time is the perfect app for parents who are concerned about the amount of time that their children spend on their devices. Screen Time allows parents to block games, block specific apps, block all social apps (while simultaneously allowing educational apps to run during school hours), and block all apps at certain times of the day which allows parents to easily enforce bedtimes. Screen Time also allows parents to control their children’s access to their devices by the touch of a button. This button (located on the parent’s phone) will immediately time out the child’s device and shut down the apps that they currently have running.

Kids Zone

Kids Zone limits the types of apps that children are allowed to use on their personal devices. Kids Zone allows parents to make a profile for each of their children that has distinctly different restrictions for each child (and even allows to pick a wallpaper for their particular profile). Using Kids Zone, parents can limit a child’s screen time by setting timeout restrictions, which allow parents to put a cap on the total amount of time a child spends using a device per day. When that time limit is reached, the device can only be reactivated by a parent using the secret PIN, which also controls the functions on each child’s profile.

Kids Place

Kids Place both performs the standard functions of most parental control apps (controlling screentime and monitoring what apps and website your child uses) while also offering some unique parental control features. For instance, Kids Place allows parents to block incoming calls, disable wireless signals, and stop children from purchasing or downloading new apps while Kids Place is running. Kids Place also offers plugin features like Website content filtering. While the standard Kids Place app is free to download, parents may also may purchase premium features in app like the ability to always start Kids Place on device reboot or the ability to block app uninstall on the device

Secure Teen

Secure Teen, as the app name suggests, is a parental control app that was made with the specific needs of teen parents in mind. Along with standard parental control functions like screen time control and mature content restrictions, Secure Teen also provides functions that are tailored to teen-specific problems like monitoring where your teen is at all times. With Secure Teen, parents can track their children’s locations to ensure that they aren’t in a dangerous situation or have not gone to an area where they are not allowed to be. Secure Teen also helps parents monitor their teen’s social media presence in order to prevent cyber-bullying and any other inappropriate contact online or on their phone. With Secure Teen, parents can see all calls and messages sent and received from their child’s device and can be alerted to any suspicious activity that occurs on their child’s Facebook. Secure Teen is definitely a great choice for any parent with a child over the age of 10 that has begun interacting with other people on the internet.

Kids Place -Parental Control

Kids Place-Parental Control is an app launcher that is made to be kid-friendly. Kids Place-Parental Control divides apps into four easy categories that appeal to kids: Education, Growth, Games, and Other. Within these categories, children can download apps that have been approved by parents and easily access them by going to the Kids Place-Parental Control app. Kids Place-Parental Control features classic parental control app features like preventing children from downloading or buying new apps, controlling screen time, and adding a custom background to the Kids Place-Parental Control app. Much like the original Kids Place app, the Premium features of Kids Place-Parental Control which can be purchased in app offer features like the ability to run in background mode or the ability to block app uninstall.


As you have seen, many of these apps have overlapping functions, so unless you are looking for an app specific to your child’s age group (such as Secure Teen) it is really only necessary to download one of the above apps to monitor and control your child’s online and device activity.

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