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Most Popular Coding Languages of 2015 (Infographic)

There are several coding languages that serves different purposes and if you are really interested in learning any language and become a coder, then you can choose from the most popular coding languages of 2015. The most popular programming language right now is Java, closely followed by C programming. Then, there is Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, C++, C#, JavaScript, Swift etc. that are used to develop different platforms and tools. You can easily learn these coding languages online if you can spare some hours on a daily basis.

Since, there are several programming languages out there and all of them have their own specific uses, you need to make a decision about which language you want to learn. To do that, you need to know which coding languages are used a lot to develop platforms and services and will be used in the future as well. Once, you know about that, you can make your decision and learn these coding/programming languages easily.

Popular Coding Languages of 2015

This infographic created by Tutorialistic serves the purpose of telling you which programming language is the best and the most used in the market.

Here’s a quick breakdown on the best programming languages in 2015:

Java: The language saw a setback a few years ago but ever since the Android OS has taken the majority of the gadgets market, it has once again become the number one programming language to learn.

C, C++ and C#: The C programming language is considered as the basic language and it is better if you have at least some knowledge of the language. Similarly, C++ is an advances language that is used in building powerful desktop software and hardware-accelerated games.

Python: Using this particular coding language, you can build a lot of things. It can help you build web apps, user interfaces etc. and most of the industries use Python to analyze giant data sets so it would be a great idea to learn Python language and become a programmer.

Check out the infographic and decide for yourself, which language you want to learn and what type of platforms you want to develop.

popular coding languages 2015

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Now, you know which of the languages are popular and which websites and online eCommerce companies are using them to build their platforms.

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As you can see, Java is the most popular one and is used by some of the biggest companies on the Internet like Google, Amazon and eBay and the next one is C++ which is used by Adobe and Mozilla.

So, now you can go and learn these popular coding languages of 2015. Also share the article with your friends and let them know about this infographic.

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