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Prank Your Pals With These 12 Websites!

Pranks are everybody’s favorite pastimes. They’ve been everybody’s favorite pastimes for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. But like all other aspects of life, pranking has evolved and gotten higher tech. This list of fun-filled websites will entertain you for hours, guaranteed. Pranking websites are already quite popular, and they’re still on the rise. Gauge your friends; your closest friends are the ones who are always on your side, and use this information wisely in prank strategy. Now is a better time than ever to decide on teams—which friends will be your prank victims, and which friends will come along for the ride? Start scheming and start dreaming—these websites offer you hilarious situations, greater than you could have ever imagined. And don’t forget to keep mum when talking to your prank victims… the longer you can resist spoiling a prank, the longer you can continue pulling pranks on that person. Yes, these websites are awesome, but it’s better for all involved if you don’t tell the world about them. Now continue reading to start pranking!

12. JibJab

If you’re good with videos, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at JibJab.com. It offers you the ability to make and send eCards and—surprise, surprise—videos. Hilarious and harmless, JibJab has so many options in its bag of tricks that you’ll probably spend hours perusing them all. Your friends will get a big kick out of it, too, so rest assured that there is 100% probability of you retaining all your friends.


The name implies prank phone conversations, which is correct. ComedyCalls.com has the potential for sidesplitting chat settings (not just for you, but also for your friends!), including a variety of original and entertaining pranks and jokes. You can prank call just about any number with ComedyCalls, so get creative. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s utterly fantastic.

10. News of Future

Like the Onion… in about fifty years! News of Future is great for your parents or bookworm buddies, and it’s also one of the easiest forms of pranking because you don’t have to do anything except relink articles. Added plus: if your pranking victim just doesn’t have a sense of humor, you can claim you thought the news was real! News of Future’s content is not only funny but also interesting, picking up on patterns from current news and following them to a hypothesized conclusion. People will love you for this one.

9. Amazing Photo Effects

Amazing Photo Effects doesn’t even have to be a pranking site, but it has so much potential as one that it’s difficult to ignore in that capacity! You can add photo effects that are incredibly original. The site is easy to use, and you don’t have to know much about photo editing to get some great effects out of it. Make your friends laugh—or freak them out—with this wonderful tool.

8. Scary Maze Game

Do you like online games that make you sweat? Better yet, do you have friends who sweat at online games? If so, you just might want to direct them to the Scary Maze Game website for a little bit of fun. (Just make sure your friend will be the type to laugh about it afterwards.) The maze offered is one of the scariest ones in existence, so hold onto your hat—or make your friend hold onto his/her hat.

7. Cheat CC

This isn’t a prank website per say, but it can help you pull off some great pranks. Cheat CC offers cheats for almost every computer or video game out there, and some of the cheats are pretty interesting ones. (Check out Male Pregnancy in The Sims.) Make your gaming buddies double take with some of these fantastically ridiculous cheats, and laugh about it afterwards. In secret! So, you can continue pranking aforementioned buddies.

6. Facebook Tricks

Facebook’s got a few tricks on its own, like the famed Pirate language mode. There are other tricks you can’t find on the website, and you have to search for specific tricks on Google. With the help of various tricks, you can modify theme and color—and you can completely disable some features. For example, you can use the Facebook News Feed Eradicator extension (available for browsers Google Chrome and Firefox) to remove a person’s News Feed while keeping other features functioning.

5. Google Tricks

Like Facebook, Google can be modified in some fun ways. You can “break” the search engine, use the gravity trick to send every piece of the page to the bottom, and form the search engine into a certain shape. Searching on Google will bring up tricks you can use on Google—tricks that will confuse your friends to hilarious heights.

4. Bored

The name is the game—if you’re bored, you can go to bored.com to find ways out of the boredom. Namely: pranks. Follow your instincts with bored.com and call your friends or family under a fake caller ID for great anonymous, hilarious conversations. There are many other things you can do on the site, too, like look at funny videos and content if you’re looking for idler fun. You can do three calls a day, and you can call internationally.

3. Where’s Waldo?

This one is less a prank, unless it’s a give-your-friend-something-that-looks-easy-but is-actually-difficult scenario. Waldo, in case you don’t know, is the character with a striped red-and-white shirt and a red and white hat who always likes to hide for some reason. If you like challenging puzzles, head to Where’s Waldo!

2. Internet Disaster

Internet Disaster lets you add a code to a website (unless the website has blocked it), to make the website look like a disaster has befallen it. Specifically: Protestors, falling bombs, and earthquakes.

1. Peter Answers (Your Virtual Parrot)

Parrot” refers to a person who receives anonymous information about other people from friends who are willing to disclose it. Peter Answers works around that format, providing accurate answers to the questions people ask about themselves. Get your friends into this website. They’ll freak out, guaranteed.

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