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Product keys for MS Office 2010 Windows7/8

If you think it’s time to activate your MS Office 2010, you should know that you can do it very easily with MS Office 2010 Products Keys, that are listed below. Companies and organizations that use MS Office should activate it with the provided genuine product key.

Where To Find A Product Key

Finding the right product key online is not an easy task, especially for Microsoft products. If you don’t have an original copy of MS Office or you want to install it to another computer then you have to start looking for the perfect product key.

If you have an original MS Office you will find your product key on your computer, inside the products package or in an email. The methods to activate your products are the same.

Activate The Product

First you should check if your product is activated. To do so you have two choices:

  • The Office 2010 Activation Wizard that appears when you start an Office program that has not been activated.

  • On the File menu, click Help, and look for the section under the Microsoft Office logo. If “Product is not activated” text appears, click Change.

If your program is not activated Activation Wizard will appear and you will find to enter a Product Key. When you enter a valid Product Key Activation Wizard gives you two options: Activate by using the Internet” or “Activate by using the telephone”.

Activate MS Office Online

If you choose to activate your product over the Internet you will save some time because the whole process is performed automatically. Activation wizard connects right away with Microsoft Product licensee service. From there you will receive a verification for your MS Office 2010 Product key whether it is valid or not and activate your product. The only information that you must provide is the name of your country and your region.

Activate MS Office By Telephone

If, for some reason, you cannot connect to the Internet you can activate the product by telephone. Here are the steps:

  1. From the Activation Wizard you select your country or region

  2. A phone number will appear for your area. You call the number for your Activation Center and you will provide the installation ID (you will see it on your screen). You may also have to provide other relevant information.

  3. After your installation ID is verified, you’ll receive a confirmation ID.

  4. Enter the confirmation ID and press the Enter key.

  5. Your product is now activated!

Note: If you still can’t activate Office, call the activation number and talk to someone who can help you.

Is My Product Activated?

If you still have trouble to find out if your product is activated you can see the activation status by clicking “Help” on the “File menu”. On the right side of the dialog box, under the Microsoft Office logo, you see a message that says “Product activated” or “Product requires activation.”. Keep in mind that Activation Wizard does not run if you already activated your product. You will also receive the message “The product has already been activated” from the Office Activation Wizard:

Why Activate MS Office

According to Microsoft when a program is not activated and the number of program starts are exhausted, the product runs in reduced-functionality mode and has some limitations.

For example it will allow you to open files to view them but you will be able to edit them.

MS Office Products Keys

Like I said before finding the right product key is not an easy task. And sometimes is nice to find a list of updated products keys. Especially if you are not willing to pay! If you find it hard to find a product key that works from the list below just send me an email and let me know which one is not working.

I really hope you will find the right product key for you MS Office and don’t forget we are always open to new product keys and your feedback.

MS Office 2010 Product Key/Activation Key 32 Bit












MS Office 2010 Product Key/Activation Key 64 Bit












Important Update

If you have trouble with the above MS Office product keys we updated the article with new and working product keys.














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