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10+ Programming Languages You Should Learn in 2017

The tech industry is growing strong with every passing day and new smartphones and tablets and being unveiled every day. All these means that there is a strong demand for developers and programmers and the demand is only going to grow in the coming days. So if you have ever thought of learning one of the programming languages, then now would be a really good time to take action and learn a language of programmers.

There are lots of different programming languages available and all of them have different purposes. If you are just starting out then you probably might not know about which is the best language and will it be good in the future! So today I have made a list of the best programming languages of 2017 that you should definitely learn and need to know about. These languages are the best and the developers who know these languages are in great demand because of growing market.

best programming languages 2015
If you master one of these languages or more than one, then you will be able to secure a high-paying job. So what are you waiting for? Let’s see some of the best programming languages for 2017.

Best Programming Languages for 2017

1. Java

Java is the best language for programmers out there and should be one top of your list of the languages to learn. It is the most popular one, though it declined a few positions a few years back but thanks to the Android OS, it has claimed the top spot once again.

What is Java Used for?

  • Enterprise level Applications(J2EE)
  • Mobile-based applications (J2ME)
  • To build Android apps for smartphones and tablets
  • To make desktop applications (Swing)

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is very useful when you are developing a website because it is the language that helps you create interactivity for your site. There are dozens of popular frameworks in JavaScript that you can use to build amazing user interface. If you are into web development, you should know JavaScript to make interactive web pages.

What is JavaScript Used for?

  • Create highly responsive user interfaces
  • Add animations in the web page
  • Load new images, objects or other scripts in the web page

3. PHP

PHP, which stands of Hypertext Preprocessor, is another popular language that you should know if you are more in to web development. Today, PHP is one of the most useful programming languagues as you can develop a web app easily with it and also it is the core of the most powerful content management system like WordPress.

4. Objective-C

Java is used for building applications for Android OS and if you are keen on building apps for iOS then you need to learn Objective-C programming language. Before Apple launched a new language, Swift, Objective-C was the choice for all the developers and is still the best choice. If you know Objective-C and you start using XCode, the official software development tool from Apple, then you can easily create an iOS app and see it in the App Store.

5. Python

If you want to learn an all-in-one language, then you need to start learning Python. This language can do almost everything – build web apps, user interfaces, data analysis etc. There will surely be a framework for these tasks in Python. Most of the giant industries uses Python to analyse giant data sets so this might be a great opportunity to learn the language and become a Python programmer.

6. Perl

Perl is a programming language which can provide tools for different complicated problems like system programming. It is a little confusing but a powerful language that you can learn in 2016.

What is Perl Used for?

  • Website and Web app development
  • Test Automation – can be used to test web apps, databases, networking devices, etc.
  • Desktop app development and System administration

7. Ruby

Ruby and Ruby on Rails is becoming more and more popular because it is a powerful language and is pretty straight-forward and easy to learn. If you want to create any project in little time then you can use this language. Used a lot for web programming, Ruby language has becoming as the first choice for many startup companies.

8. C, C++ and C#

C is one of the best programming languages that you should have knowledge of in 2017. It is the oldest but should be the first to learn when you start learning programming. The language is used in building various softwares.

C++, pronounced as C plus plus, is a little advanced language and is used extensively in building hardware-accelerated games and is a perfect choice for powerful desktop software and apps for desktop as well as mobile phones and console devices. C++ is a powerful language and is used in majority of operating systems like Windows.

If you are well aware of C and C++ languages then learning C# won’t be difficult at all. C# basically the primary language for Microsoft apps and services. If you work with the technologies like .Net and ASP.Net then you should know C# language properly.

9. Visual Basic and .Net

Visual Basic is the key language to the .Net applications and it allows you to build applications for business and you can even use it for Office applications like Excel.

.Net is more of a platform for app development and with the efforts of Microsoft, it is now coming to Apple and Google platforms as well. You can now use .Net framework with different programming languages to build apps that support multiple platforms at a time.

10. R

If you are looking to do some serious data analysis then you should know the R Programming language. So if you want to learn a new language in 2016, then R programming language should be on the top of your list.

11. SQL

You should know SQL, or Standard Query Language, if you work with databases like MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or others. This programming language gives you the ability to easily get the required data from large and complex databases.

12. Swift

Swift is the newest programming language to build applications for Apple products. You can use the language to develop applications for Apple’s Mac and iOS operated devices in an easy and fast manner. So if you are looking to build a killer iOS application, then you should start learning Swift programming language.

So those were the best programming languages for 2017 that you need to know about. If you have anything to add to the article or any suggestions, then please add your comment below.

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