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5+ Reasons why to use Gentoo-Linux

We all can argue over the best Linux distribution out there, as it all comes down to personal choices but, how about Gentoo? It’s time I share top 5 reasons why use Gentoo Linux over any other.

Before we begin with the actual fact sheet, there are a few things you should be aware of. Gentoo is not a user friendly distribution. Rather, it’s a completely developer friendly one.

In order to even install this distribution OS, you need to rely on the Command Line, as there are no GUI tools available. One way or another, you are going to find yourself dead within a few minutes of using the interface, if you are not a developer.

Even for a developer, it will require a good experience to back with. The distribution’s installation requires you to remember a bunch of codes and then to operate inside, you need to do the same. It never gets easier. So, even if you manage to go inside and complete the installation, the journey will be hectic if you don’t have total interest in coding.

So, it all boil downs to one thing. Gentoo Linux distribution is totally developer friendly and have so many good features for the developers which is the reason why it should be liked by the community.Gentoo-emerge

Reasons why Use Gentoo Linux

Now, it’s time to share the exact five reasons why one should respect and use Gentoo Linux distribution over any other.

#1 Freedom

As you are using a developer friendly distribution, you expect total control over everything. By everything, I mean everything which is part of the operating system. Thankfully, Gentoo offers complete freedom to the developers and they are allowed to change almost anything which is part of the operating system.

You don’t want a particular driver system to be part of the OS, well, simply ditch it. For example, if Nvidia is the only driver support you wish system to have, then it’s possible to simply ditch the Radeon one. There is no foundation on using a particular system. So, it all comes down to the level of freedom and control Gentoo offers to the developers.

#2 Performance

Now how about having a total control on how the system performance goes? Gentoo provides the same as it allows users to take control of everything. You can drop a particular package from the complete installation package, which will improve the performance of the operation. The dropping or adding of packages can be done as per the hardware requirements or compatibility challenges.

Again, it all boil downs to one point, i.e., the freedom you have over the complete operating system. However, it is slightly slower as everything needs to be initiated by compiling the codes, not a tool or system. Still, it is faster in performance when compared to other systems which rely on command line operations.

#3 Number of Options

Moving ahead in the same set of discussions, the number of options available within Gentoo are way better than any other competitor. It gives complete control to the developer, allowing them to develop a particular software right from the scratch.

The availability of tonnes of options also give them a freedom to pick or ditch a particular feature, which might or might not be required. This all comes down to one thing which is, Gentoo is totally developer friendly.

#4 Endless Learning

As you have to do everything by your own. The thing we have been continuously talking about. Gentoo is all about self learning. There is no way you can pass through a challenge without learning one or two important lessons. Being a developer, this endless learning cycle is really important as you are always up to date with whatever going outside.

Whether it’s about security or performance or improving an existing software, you need to learn a bit of things to make things happen. You can’t expect to have a GUI tool to sort out a given problem, unless you have compiled one such by your own.Gentoo-details

#5 That ‘Proud Developer’ feeling

Needless to say, the Gentoo distribution will always make you proud of who you really are. A developer, right? I know there are other distributions out there and by choosing Linux over any other, you have already started your developer career. But, picking Gentoo over any other is clearly stating that your expertise are way better than most of the others.

So, these were the reasons why I am in love with Gentoo distribution over any other and I hope you find them interesting too. Now, that you have fallen in love with this product, it’s time for you to go ahead and begin using it for rest of your days.

If you are new to this field and my initial statements have hurt your ego inside, then you can prove yourself worthy by taking a complete command over this distribution version and learn everything on your own.

Of course, there are hundreds of forums available and thousands of developers helping out each other to make things happen. They will definitely help you out to become good at this.

Now the sole and important reason why Gentoo became so popular is because Google was found using it. During a thorough testing, Chrome OS has been using Gentoo underneath and it was later officially confirmed by a Google developer too.

If Google can trust this distribution over any other, then I believe it’s now the time for all of us to put faith and see why it is so important. I know it won’t be a smooth ride but, we are not doing it to gain a top-notch user experience. Rather, we are looking into this all to learn and experiment. After all, we all want to become a better developer, right?

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