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Regain Access to Temporarily Locked Gmail Account Instantly

You came here looking to find a way to unlock the temporarily locked Gmail account instantly, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn here. It’s a situation you found account locked in, and it’s not an easy one to come out from.

But, with this guide over here, you’ll have everything at access which is required to sort out the issue and find a permanent fix. Also, I’ll provide the required information that will keep the account safe and sound in future too.

There are various policies, terms and conditions which we agree to while creating an account with Gmail or any other service provider. We have no choice than to agree to their terms and conditions and thus, give them the right to have a proper control over the fair usage terms.

What fair usage policy contains is that the services being offered here should be use for informative purpose only, not to hurt or plan an illegal activity out there.


You cannot hack any other account or use it in a way you’re not supposed to. The email service by Google, known as Gmail, is present to be used for communication purpose and that too for personal or professional reasons.

If Gmail finds out anything which is off the radar, or not aligning with the terms and conditions, it locks down the account for temporary period. The team is reviewing the account in that period and they might lock down it permanently if the reason was strong enough.

This is a little story you need to be aware of. Now, let’s look at few of the best reasons to get your account locked out.

  • You’re not supposed to send a large volume of emails which are not being delivered at the other end.

  • The Gmail account activity can’t be logged in with any other analytic or file-sharing or log management software or application.

  • Your account has received large number of files, all of a sudden which is looking suspicious to the Google.

  • Sometimes, it happens because the same account is logged in at multiple devices and one of those goes missing or rouge.

  • A lot of incorrect sign-in attempts as either user name or password isn’t matching with the correct account credentials.

  • Account is being used by too many third-party applications as they are allowed to access the publicly available account information.

Out of these reasons, Google can temporarily locked Gmail account if any one or two of these matches the case. They might take action for even one match found!

How to Unlock Temporarily Locked Gmail Account

So, they are very strict with the policies and terms and conditions.

Now, depending on the case, there can be a bunch of methods which will help you get the account back. Let me start with each of them, one by one!

Method 1

This method will help out for those who have been using a third-party application to access the Gmail account, using either IMAP or POP connection.

  • To fix the account, go to the third-party application and remove the POP and IMAP configurations.

  • Secondly, remove all the extensions from the web browser (Chrome or Firefox or any other). There are many extensions which have a security loophole, because of which there is a chance of getting the account hacked or losing the privacy control.

  • Delete the complete cache of the web browser and restart the system, or at least, restart the web browser.

  • Go and revoke all the third-party apps from accessing the account for a while.

On top of these, you need to fix the system’s security status by scanning for virus or malware using an updated and premium antivirus software.

Method 2

If aforementioned method doesn’t work, then you can try and login Gmail through a different server. You can reach out to that new and unused server by using the Gmail in other different country.

Doing this will reset the cookies which has expired because of the illegal activity or temporarily lock down situation. Now, accessing the Gmail account via a different server will work in your case as it will be using new set of cookies.

Protecting your account

There is a limit to the number of email one can send in a day, which is somewhere around 500. Do not cross this limit to keep things in a safe zone. This limit is set to keep the Gmail system away from being used to send bulk emails.

It is advisable to avoid sending suspicious or heavy size files over the email. If the file is large and you still need to send it over, then use other products like Google Drive or Dropbox where you can upload the file and email the link to download.

Do not use a large number of extensions inside the browser and keep them properly checked. Do not install extensions without checking their privacy tabs and reviews.

It’s advisable to not login and access Gmail services at multiple locations. If you have to do it, then make sure the connection and the system being used is safe and secure.

You can even put a 2-step verification facility on the account after gaining the access. Also, remove the not-currently-used applications from using the account details. To setup the 2-step verification, go to the Security Settings of your Gmail account, enter a phone number, verify it, and turn the feature ON.

If none of these aforementioned methods work in your case, then all you can do is, wait for a day or two to let Gmail check all the activity and give back the access automatically. You can even tweet to the Gmail team if it isn’t happening any sooner.

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