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How To Remove An Account From Google Play

Google Play is the Android app store for the Android operating system. Sometimes it is referred to as the Google Play Store and it allows users to browse through tons of applications and other entertainment software. Originally developed specifically for the Android phones and tablets. The store offers applications, music, movies, TV shows, magazines, and books that are either free or for a small price.

Google Play was officially released in 2012 after Android Market (its predecessor) merged with Google’s Music and eBookstore. The thing that makes Google Play interesting is that it is not only available on Android devices, it is also available for iOS devices, Roku and the web. Google Play is available for everyone! Although it is more prevalent among Android users, Google Play allows you to purchase books and music and then access them from another computer or device.

This market has grown exponentially since 2009 with only 2,300 applications available at the time. Now, there are well over 1,900,000 applications available for users. The music store offers over 35 million songs and you are able to store roughly 50,000 songs with your cloud storage account. The eBook store is one of the largest available with over five million books for users to choose from. The books can be read on a number of eReaders and tablets such as the Nexus and Nook. There is also a Google Play books app for Android and iOS devices that allow readers to read as much as they want, whenever they want. There are also thousands and thousands of TV shows and movies to select from. You can rent or purchase these and either watch them online or download them and watch them via the Movie app at a later time.

Google Play is continuing to grow and gain in popularity; however, there is one minor glitch that everyone is talking about.

Logging Out of Google Playlogout-from-google-play-store

Although there are a thousand reasons why Google Play is one of the best digital distribution platforms, this does not mean that you will not need to log out at some point in time. The problem is, the application does not have a simple log out button like you would think it does or should.

Most applications have an easy log out button or link available either on a dropdown menu, a button or in a settings menu. However, Google Play does not give you that options. Google relies heavily on the single login idea for all applications. Therefore, once you set up your Google Play account, you do not need additional logins for its counterpart applications. That one account works for all of Google’s products such as Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Drive, YouTube, etc. Your device is synced with one single user account. In fact, even if you try to login through a web browser on your device, it will take you to the Google Play store anyway by default. Google syncs all of its apps with one account of ease. So, to log out of Google Play, you will need to disassociate your current account with Google Play. To disassociate your account, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the Settings from your Android home screen.google-account-settings

Step 2: Under the Accounts section, you need to select ‘Google’.

Step 3: A list of the addresses associated with your device will be listed. There may be one or many, but only one email address can be connected to Google at a time.

Step 4: Tap on the email that you no longer want to be associated with Google Play.confirm-removal-of-account

Step 5: A pop up will appear that says “Removing the account will delete all of its messages; contacts, and other data from the device. Continue?” If you are ready, click ‘Remove Account’.

This will log you out of Google Play, remove the email address and ask you to select a new one upon trying to log back in.Logout-app-gmail

There are apps on the Google Play store that will log you out of all of your accounts on your Android device with the click of a button. LogOut! is an app worth trying that once open has one single button to push that will log you out of all accounts. The main thing to remember here is that you are logged out of ALL accounts, not just Google Play.


Google Play is a great app distribution store, but has one major setback in that you cannot logout in an effective manner. There has to be a way for Google to remedy this. Until then, use this guide to help you along. There are other options such as looking for other applications to help you create a quick logout function. These can be highly effective and much quicker than going through your settings page. Best of luck to you!

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