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Best SIRI Alternative Apps Available For Android

When android users think of switching over to iPhone, am quite sure one of the main reasons is the iPhone voice driven assistant app, Siri. This app turns your phone into your own personal assistant and offers a lot from directions, weather forecasts, making appointments to reading messages and placing calls among others which can be quite handy especially while busy with other tasks. All these without typing. However as you probably already know this application is only available in iPhone operating system, IOS. Android being android is always competitive and there are a number of apps with similar features as the iPhone app. These apps are basically your digital assistants that will help you with tasks in between your schedules through voice commands, suggestions and recommendations and pre-emptive information. You can organize your meetings, easily set alarms notifications, access news updates, make queries and contact people. When pitted against each other the following five apps stand tall above the rest as the best Siri-alternative apps available for the android platform.


Hound is a voice-driven virtual assistant. This is one of the most impressive personal assistants across all platforms. This app is a perfect Siri alternative and is at par with Siri when it comes to voice recognition. Not only does hound focus on speech recognition but it also has a built in language understanding database which makes it very accurate and also fast. As much as Hound understand details but it also recognises the context and lets you ask lengthy, questions not limited to a point. To refine your results to your desired specificity it allows for follow up questions without restarting the original query. This particular feature sets it apart from most similar apps, which struggle with follow up questions. Hound also is quite impressive in that it also tries to answer questions in voice rather than long questions. This inbuilt speech engine allows for natural language use and the user does not need to necessarily cram given commands. Additionally, Hound provides fast responses for tasks such as placing a phone call, looking up the weather, sending a text message, looking for a coffee shop near you, navigating to an address, checking the traffic, searching and playing music, and numerous other tasks. If you are looking for a perfect Siri alternative, this is the app for you. It’s free and available in Google Play.

Google Nowgoogle-now-siri-alternatives

This is basically Google’s answer to Siri. Being a Google product it’s quite remarkable. Google Now keeps on getting better and better and this app is able to be user specific mainly due to the lots of information accessible through the Google account. What is interesting about Google Now is its ability to predict your interests. It’s able to offer suggestions and recommendations based on your Google hangout messages, mail, browser history and previous use of the app. The speech recognition is great and the speed of execution of commands is also high. With Google Now you can ask your phone anything, get reminders in real time, keep up with news and movie updates and even calculate how far you have walked or biked just to mention a few. This app is great and can only get better and with updates on the line, it’s worth giving it a try.

Cortanacortana ask me anything

Cortana is basically the Microsoft version of Siri or Google’s Google Now. It was released originally for Microsoft windows phones but now an android version is available. Cortana has the ability to incorporate other android apps such as maps, Gmail and the browser. Cortana can track your flights, gives you the weather forecasts, place calls and send messages to contacts and answer queries. It can also control your music with commands such as “play music”, “pause music” and “resume music” among other amazing tasks.  The app can be started with the “hey Cortana” command or you can start it up alternatively by pressing the mic icon. Cortana can be used even in place of Google Now and all you have to do is to switch it to default. Comes with an attractive user interface and the features are well arranged making it easy to use. This app is impressive with the interactive voice user interface. It’s available in Google Play free of cost.

Dragon Mobile AssistantNuance-Dragon-Mobile-Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant has one of the most impressive user interfaces of the assistant apps. This app has a great functioning and is bundled with pretty most of the basic features. With Dragon Mobile assistant you can do basically most of the standard functions like starting other apps such as music players, get recommendations and set reminders. When the screen is off and locked the app can still be activated through a notable feature called Attentive Mode. What is interesting with this app is that you can name your assistant what you want and even choose between several voices. This app is free and you can get it in Google play.

Assistantassistant virtual app

Assistant is an amazing personal assistant app and similar to apps such as Google Now, Assistant doesn’t just answer queries but attempts to predict them as well. It has an easy to use user interface and its functionality is quite recommendable. Its features include tasks such as calling and sending messages along with starting apps, giving directions, playing music, reading news updates, meeting notifications, and a lot more.

What’s more, it supports to some extend jokes and some interactive talking making it more than just a voice recognising search engine.


Among the cluster of voice assistant apps available, these I find the most impressive and dependable. Notable mentions include Vokul, which is impressive in reading Facebook, and twitter feeds and adjusting music tempo to match with workout speed when jogging. Quite impressive, uh? Omega is another app, powered by Google with quite an impressive user interface in terms of styling. These apps are worth a look and among them you will get one that suits your needs best.

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