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Battle of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Snapdragon 820 vs Exynos 8890

There are two people in the world, iPhone people and Galaxy people. If you are a diehard Galaxy user, you probably have spent time analyzing the latest models to determine which best fits your lifestyle and needs. It may be tempting to assume that it is just the size of the screen, but the differences in the two models are much more than that as they are intrinsically different. There are several key features that at the very core almost make these two devices completely different products.

CPU Size

One of the main differences in the Snapdragon and the Exunos is that one has the octa-core set up that has been most popular recently while the other has a quad-core set up. We all believe that more core power makes a better product; there is disagreement about this factor in the industry. There is a way to utilize your core that allows you to have smaller power but have higher performance. The Snapdragon uses the quad-core set up and when it is doing one function, it outperforms the Exunos in every test. The real difference though comes if you have to use multiple processes at once. At that time, the Exunos out performs the Snapdragon. And, that truly is what matters because most of us are using multiple applications at one time.

GPU Performance

If you utilize your phone to play games, its ability to perform in this arena is probably exceptionally important to you. In this comparison, the Snapdragon has the most powerful option for GPUs in a mobile device. On the flip side, the Exynos has the most energy efficient option on the market. Clearly, the most powerful option is going to give the Snapdragon an advantage in performance. The reality is though that both phones have very capable engines in them for gaming and you will likely not see a huge difference in either phone because they are both capable of providing a great gaming experience.

Battery Life

At its base design, there was not anything that Galaxy did to cause the battery life to be different in either product. But, both phones ability to use its CPU capabilities most efficiently is what decided a clear winner here. Because the Exynos has optimized its CPU usage, it was able to last up to eleven hours longer than the Snapdragon in the battery life test.


Audio Output

Quality of audio output has been one arena where there has been a clear complaint in one of the versions. The Exynos is using a Wolfson DAC, which has a reputation of providing quality sound for those that have the highest standards of excellence in this arena. The Snapdragon on the other hand has had several complaints about the quality of sound being completely non-existence on the extreme highs and lows. For someone that is passionate about being able to listen to music or conference calls with the best quality sound, the Snapdragon may now become a non-existent choice.


Slow-Motion Video

The last item that gives the Exynos the upper hand is filming slow-motion videos. While this is probably not something that is a deal breaker in anyone’s book, it is an example of one more item that tips the scales in terms of a creating a quality product. If you are utilizing the Snapdragon to film a slow motion video, it is not unusual for they’re to be skipped frames and viewing to be extremely choppy. The Exynos on the other hand does not have this issue.

Overall Best Features of the Snapdragon

When reviewing the devices separately, there are several items that still are positive features when reviewed individually.

  • The download capabilities of the Snapdragon is at the height of capabilities at 600Mbps. Of course this is dependent on the network that you are using but you shouldn’t have to upgrade your phone in the next year or two due to performance issues.
  • There are more realistic capabilities of the Snapdragon to provide quality color and shadowing. As more people are replacing their cameras with just utilizing their phones, this is a huge win.
  • Snapdragon took time to also develop better capabilities in low light photography. This has always been something that phones are not able to replicate from cameras. Mostly because phones do not have the ability to carry the lenses that a quality camera would have the ability to utilize. But they have included some technological advancement that seems to have been able to address this issue and provide quality low light photography.
  • Finally, Snapdragon has included technology that scans your phone frequently for malware and will automatically flag and delete any spyware that appears to be running in the background of applications and will then alert you when it has identified an issue.

Overall Best Features of the Exynos 8890

  • Expandable memory is a huge feature advantage that is a game changer for those of us that have to consistently worry about losing memory space. If you use your phone for all entertainment from taking pictures, listening to music, getting your news, or reading a book, it can be fairly easy to use all available memory on your phone. But Galaxy has allowed you to be able to purchase more memory as simple as purchasing it off Amazon.
  • The Exynos also features excellent picture taking capabilities especially when it goes head to head with Apple. This version allows in more light, creates brighter and more realistic pictures and has an autofocus feature that happens automatically.
  • This phone is also able to handle the elements very well, which will ultimately save its users in replacement costs. It passed the dropping test multiple times so it is not going to be a phone that is ruined with a small drop. It also has the ability to take dust and some water without completely being ruined which is a huge feature for anyone spending over seven hundred dollars on a new phone.

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