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Steps for Verifying Your Facebook Profile

Facebook recently introduced a feature that allows you to verify your Facebook profile page. This feature allows you the benefit of being ensured that whomever claims to be running the profile page is indeed the person running the profile page. Naturally, when there is an update like this, it can be daunting to try and figure out what new steps might be required. Never fear, because coming up is the step-by-step guide to verifying your Facebook profile!

What is Verification

The verification process will allow you to claim your Facebook page for yourself. Once you have verified your Facebook page, no one else will be able to set up another profile page pretending to be you. One factor to consider, however, is that Facebook determines which page is worthy of verification by considering the popularity of each page. Nevertheless, Facebook protects against imposters gaining official verification status by requiring a profile page to get authorization from a celebrity, public figure, or brand before they are permitted to verify their page. Those methods of authorization are detailed below!

How Can I Tell a Page is Verified?verify page

When a Facebook profile page has been granted verified status, a blue check mark will appear next to the profile page’s name. This check mark means that the profile page has been approved by Facebook’s verification process, and you can be confident that it is the official page of the person or thing for which it represents.

Who Can Have a Verified Page?

Facebook allows four different types of pages to be approved by the verification process. These four types are:

1 – Profile pages for a brand or company

2 – Celebrity profile pages, such as actors, artists, and musicians

3 – Pages for politicians and other government officials

4 – Pages belonging to journalists

Facebook will consider several factors in determining which profile pages will be qualified under the verification process. As mentioned above, Facebook will consider the amount of daily traffic a profile page receives compared to other profile pages, which have the same name. However, Facebook will grant the official verified status to the types of pages listed above when those pages can provide a letter of authorization from the company or celebrity, through an automatic verification process.

Automatic Verification Process

However, when you can provide an official endorsement by a company or celebrity, such as the letter of authorization, Facebook will not take traffic to the profile page into consideration, but will instead verify the profile page immediately, through the automatic verification process.

Handy Tips

In order to make sure your Facebook profile page is successfully verified, you need to keep a few additional pieces of information in mind. One is that you must have certain fields on your Facebook profile filled out if you are going to have your page successfully verified. Once all of the required information is in place, you will have cleared the initial hurdle required by Facebook for the verification of a profile page. It helps to keep every detail 0n your Facebook profile page updated, and include comprehensive detail. By doing this, Facebook’s automatic algorithm will be more likely to identify your page as the proper profile for verification. However, certain key steps can help speed the verification process along.

Link Your Website

First, it helps to link your Facebook profile page to your outside website. You want to make sure you have an online presence beyond Facebook – having multiple websites linked together is a great way to show legitimacy. Once you have set up your non-Facebook website, you want to make sure and link your official page to your Facebook profile.

The About Section

Next, make sure that you fill in the “About” section of your profile with plenty of well-written, informative, and accurate information. This should have all the key details that you wish to convey about the person or thing for which you are setting up the official Facebook profile. In addition, you want to make sure you return to this section and update it when required. There is nothing less professional than having outdated and inaccurate information on your Facebook profile page, which will be one of the first places people, will look when seeking out information from the official source. In addition, Facebook’s algorithms will take note of the frequently updated and accurate information being displayed in the About section of your profile page, and this will make it more likely that your page will receive the official verified status.

The Key Word

Finally, be sure and complete the “key word” section of the profile page. This will include basic information about your contact information, including your email address and (if applicable) your street address. If you are setting up an official Facebook profile page for a business, this will be a very important section, since it will help potential customers locate your business. In addition, it is a huge step forward if you are trying to get your Facebook profile page verified.

Manual Verification

The alternate method for getting your Facebook profile page verified is the manual verification process. This is a more recent update to Facebook’s verification process. Below is the step-by-step guide to gaining verification from Facebook using the manual process.

Apply Using the Form

The first step in the manual verification process is to going to Facebook’s website and access the Facebook verification from page. Once you have accessed the form, enter the relevant information regarding which celebrity you are setting the site up for.

Submit the Authorization Letter

If you are applying for verification of a Facebook profile page on behalf of someone else, provide the applicable letter of authorization.

Only Celebrities or Public Figures

At the moment, Facebook only allows individuals like celebrities or public figures to manually apply for verification. Companies may be permitted to manually apply for verification one day, but not yet.

Facebook Will Respond

Once you have completed the verification process, Facebook will respond within forty-eight hours to let you know whether or not you’ve been approved.

You’re Verified!

And that’s all there is to it – your Facebook profile page is now officially verified!

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