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The Cleaner App – Remove Junk Files from Android Devices

We are living in a digital age where people can’t go even a minute without their smartphones or tablets. We all know that there are a lot of smartphones out there and most of them are powered by Android operating system. Since, anyone can create an Android app and upload it on the Google Play store. You can download these apps on your smartphone and use and but when you don’t have any use of the applications, you uninstall it and your think that you have removed the app completely from your device.

This is where you are wrong because sometimes there is some data left behind even after deleting the app. You might not know about this but the data, cache and other files of unwanted apps take up your memory and slows down your Android smartphone. You can simply delete these unwanted files but that’s a complicated task as you don’t know which folder might contain junk files and which one contains important files. So, what you need at such a moment is the The Cleaner app to do all the heavy lifting for you.

The Cleaner App Overview

The Cleaner application is available to download for free from Google Play Store. If you are an Android user, then I recommend you to download the app as it will help you solve your memory problems by removing unwanted junk files from your system.

download The Cleaner app from play store
The application’s user interface is extremely simple to understand. There are 4 different tabs that performs 4 different tasks.

  • Memory – Scans for recoverable memory being used by the apps.
  • Storage – Scans for the unwanted junk files and then you can clean them to free the storage.
  • Apps – Scans and monitors the app usage so that you can delete and uninstall the unwanted apps.
  • Conversations – Scans all the calls/conversations records.

1. Cleaning Memory

There are certain apps on your smartphone that keep running in the background and use the memory. You can recover these memory by using The Cleaner app’s memory recover feature.

Tap on the “Analyze” button and the app will scan through your smartphone to analyze all the recoverable memory available. Once the scanning is complete, you will be shown a list of all the apps and the amount of memory consumed by them.

the cleaner app memory
Once you tap on the “Clear” button at the bottom, the app will start the cleaning process and recover the memory and give a boost to your smartphone’s speed.

the cleaner app memory
2. Cleaning Storage

Swipe right to go to the “Storage” tab in the Cleaner app. From these tab, you can clear the unwanted cache files that are taking up a lot of your storage space.

Tap on the “Analyze” button and all the junk files stored on your device will be displayed on your mobile’s screen. You can select the the cache files that you want to delete and the ones that you don’t want to delete from the list.

the cleaner app storage
Once done, click on the Delete button below and the app will then remove all the cache files from your smartphone and free up the storage space.

the cleaner app storage
3. Monitoring Apps

This is the best feature of The Cleaner app. You can scan your smartphone for all the apps installed and monitor the usage of each app. You can check all the info like the app install date, the storage usage, call permissions, SMS permissions, location permissions, camera and contacts permissions given to the apps.

the cleaner app review monitoring apps
You can monitor all the information and sort the application in alphabetical order, app usage or install date order. When you are not using any particular application, then you can uninstall the app from your smartphone to make space for a new application.

4. Calls/Conversations Records

The last tab of the application shows you the records of all the calls and SMS conversations on your smartphone. You can scan the records using the Cleaner app and it will show you a complete list of the calls/SMS info on the screen. You can remove a particular record by selecting it and then tapping the Delete button below.

the cleaner app conversations

The Cleaner App Review – Settings

The Settings menu of the Cleaner app is extremely simple and easy to understand. You can manage all the notifications and the auto-scans, change the theme of the application, share your feedback and share the app on your Facebook profile or give it a +1 on Google+!

the cleaner app review settings
You can change the theme of the app by going to the theme panel from the Settings menu. There you will see a number of different themes. The default theme of The Cleaner app is “Winter” theme which is free and there are other themes as well like “Cyber”, “Forest”, “Navy” and others which are paid themes.

the cleaner app review themes
You can unlock all these themes and remove all the ads from the application by paying $1.99 and upgrade The Cleaner app.


There are lot of other cleaner applications available in the Play Store, but The Cleaner app gives them a tough competition by bringing its easy-to-use and light UI in the play.

With the simple interface and clear instructions, you will be able to use the app to analyze all the junk files on your Android device and remove it instantly from your device. This will not only free some space but also speed up your smartphone.

So, in conclusion, I would recommend you to download and install the application on your smartphone to keep it fast and avoid any lagging while you use any apps. Download The Cleaner app and share it with your friends as well!

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