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Troubleshooting With A Windows 7 Professional Product Key

You just powered up your brand new laptop or you are in the middle of an important project and you just need that last file open. Suddenly, you get an error message that your subscription to Windows 7 Professional has expired! What you going to do? You need to be able to use your computer.

Typically, with a brand new laptop you have 30 days to use Windows 7 Professional as a trial and when that trial is over then all of the features that makes Windows 7 Professional so great will not be available to you. There are several solutions to an expired product key: you can go out a purchase your own original Windows 7 product key, which can be expensive, or you need to find a cheap and effective way to gain access to Window 7 Professional product key.

Finding a Windows 7 Professional Product Key Cheap

The minimum requirements for installing Windows 7 Professional are: 1GHz CPU, 1GB worth of RAM, 128MB graphics card, and HDD free data of 16GB. You can buy new PCs with Windows 7 preinstalled on the machine, however come October 31st, 2016; Microsoft will require a phase out of the software and to replace it with the Windows 8 or 10 operating systems.

Today, you can still find new PCs on the market with Windows 7 already preinstalled as well as you can find third party sources online that are selling refurbished PCs that have Windows 7 installed on the computer. Some of these refurbished PCs sell for as little as $100 and you are able to find original equipment manufacturer (OEM) editions of the software for as little as $50. An OEM edition of Windows 7 Professional prohibits the user from using the software specifically for personal use; however there are no system limitations for this practice.

If you decide that you would like to operate on Windows 7 Professional and the piece of hardware that you have purchased has Windows 8 or Windows 10 preinstalled in the system then you have the right through Microsoft to downgrade the operating system. During the install process, do not enter the product key, and then activate the newly installed software by phone activation option using the steps below.

Activating a Windows 7 Product Key

Once you have a Windows 7 Product key there are two main ways to activate the key.

  1. Direct Connection

    • Ensure that your system is connected to the Internet.

    • Once you are on your main desktop click on the Start menu, right click on the Computer icon, then in the drop down menu click on properties, and then click on “Activate Windows Now”.

    • Your computer may as for an Administration password or for other identifier information that states that the computer has permission to start the activation process.

    • When the system is fully ready to complete the activation process then it will ask for a product key for Windows 7 Professional, enter in the product key and click on Next.

  1. By phone

    • If you are unable to get to get the product key to activate via the internet direction connection, then windows will allow you to activate the key using their automated phone system.

    • Your computer still needs to be connected to the Internet and under the Computer icon’s properties selection, click on “Activate Windows Now”. 

    • Within the “Activate Windows Now” selection there will be another option of “Show me other ways to activate Windows”

    • The computer will again ask for an Administration password and the Windows 7 Professional product key, then click Next.

    • Your computer will generate a few options for activate Windows 7 Professional, but choose, “Use the Automated Phone System” and click Next

    • Via your personal phone line, you will receive an automated phone call that will give you a confirmation ID. Please write down this confirmation ID.

    • Your computer will be waiting for the input of the confirmation ID. Once you have inputted the confirmation ID you can now activate your Windows 7 Professional product key.

Normally, the cost of owning your own Windows 7 Professional product key can be steep; there are discounts if you are Active Duty Military or a student. You are able to defer the cost of owning your own product key by finding free active product keys on the Internet. Several websites offer this service. However, what you defer in cost you will make up in time because you need to find a working product key. In order to use these free Windows 7 Professional product keys most of them need to be placed on the setting of not being updated automatically so that the system cannot detect that you are using a duplicate product key. If you would like to have your Windows 7 Professional system to update automatically you might have to try various different product keys to find the one that is right for your system needs.

Some free product keys are going to be based on the hardware brand that you choose to use. Whether you are using a Dell, Acer, Hp, or a Samsung computer, seek out a Windows 7 Professional product key that syncs up with that hardware and update automatically.

Transfer or Upgrade

If you had purchased a retail copy of Windows 7 Professional any time in since the software was released in 2009, can be transferred to another PC. All you need to transfer the product software is the original Windows 7 Professional installation package with the CD and product key, and then remove the operating system from the original PC. You may have to activate the Windows software via the phone activation. This is extremely helpful if you have equipment that has died.

Microsoft has also allowed those people with previously installed software to upgrade software to Windows 7 Professional. This process through Microsoft is called, “Anytime Upgrade”, which can be purchased for as little as $90. Upgrade licenses can be purchased through third parties and from any vendor.

Whatever method you choose to use in order to have your computer running effectively, discover what best fits your personal needs.

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