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Best Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

Twitter is one of the best social networking site that is used for marketing. If you know how to use it effectively then you can grow your business using Twitter. When it comes to promoting and marketing the Twitter automation tools come in handy. You can use tools to auto follow or unfollow a person, you can use tools to auto tweet something. You can even use tools to auto send direct messages and in this article we will be discussing about the best twitter tools to send automated direct messages. Sending automated direct messages is a really good way of promoting your business and there are many benefits as well.

There used to be a limit of 140 characters for direct messages but now Twitter has removed the limit and you can send a direct message of more than 140 characters. Keep in mind that sending direct messages to followers or new twitter users to introduce them to your site or some service is not considered spam at all but only if you are doing it properly and not sending any harmful links.

twitter tools to send automated direct messages

Also, do not try to sell something using such automated tools. Here are the two tools that will help you in sending direct messages in bulk to Twitter users. If you can use them properly, then they will really help you out in promoting your service or website.


SocialOopmh is the best twitter tool to send automated direct messages.Along with sending auto direct message you can also schedule tweets, follow back your followers automatically, get new followers by following new twitter users and much more. You can also track keywords using SocialOopmh. The direct messages sent by SocialOopmh are simple and might look spammy.


TwitterDMer is the best option if you want a simple tool that will only help in sending automated direct messages and does not have other features like auto follow users. You can also send a personalized direct messages to Twitter followers so that the direct message sent by the app does not look spammy.

These two are the best twitter tools that will help you in sending direct messages automatically to new Twitter followers. There are many sites out there selling fake tools so make sure to research about the tool before trying them out.

SocialOopmh and TwitterDMer are a trust worthy sites that you can use to send direct messages automatically. Let us know if you know any better automated direct messages sending service in the comments section below.

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