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Unlock Temporary Locked Yahoo Mail Account Immediately

Once a Yahoo Mail account is locked temporary, there is still a way out to fix the issue and gain back the lost access. But, if the account is locked permanently, then there are very rare chances that you are going to get things back.

Yahoo has a very strict data usage policy when it comes to all of its products and the strictness is kept intact in all these years. Even today, when they are not the number one internet based company over the world, their rules and policies are working like old times. In fact, they are being regularly updated to move up with the modern world.


What causes Yahoo Mail account temporary lock?

Well, you must have forgotten the password and tried accessing it with older ones or incorrect ones. It can happen if someone else is trying to access your account and hitting out all the password guesses possible.

  • Someone must be trying to hack your email account.

  • Something suspicious arrived in your mail box which you interacted with.

  • Attempts to unlock a profile with correct password are overused.

  • Something isn’t correct with the IMAP and POP configurations.

  • The account must be accessed from unknown location which is not usual as per account’s history.

  • The limit of sent emails in a day is overreached.

Due to any of these reasons, the account can be locked out for temporary period. The specific reason can be multiple or a single one out from these.

Unlock Temporary Locked Yahoo Mail Account

This first method is not tedious, rather, too simple to learn. In fact, you will learn while operating through the process mentioned below here. Just ensure that you don’t skip any while running in a hurry.

Even before moving with it, you can try opening the account in a different web browser which has no prior history or cookies of accessing a Yahoo account.

In most of the cases, if the suspicious activity is not of a high standard, using a new browser will work out. You can even try using on a different laptop or desktop on the same network.

Step 1 – You need to first open the Yahoo Help Forum webpage. Over there, you’ll see a bunch of instructions to move ahead with.

Step 2 – Click on the link which says, “Account Locked” and then click on the Sign-in Helper link. These are the two links which will help you move forward with the procedure.

Step 3 – Now, enter the email address or the phone number associated with the account. If not the primary email address, then you can even try with the recovery one.

Step 4 – As you proceed, an ‘Account Key’ will be sent to whatever medium you picked along with a bunch of security questions.

Step 5 – Open up the email, and answer the security questions. Within a span of few minutes, you’ll regain access to the locked account.

If this method doesn’t work then there is also a secondary method which includes cookies.

All you have to do is, access the Yahoo Mail webpage through a different server. Accessing a different server is as easy as picking up a new country.

Following is the list of servers you can try.

https://login.yahoo.com/config/login – USA

https://login.yahoo.com/config/mail?.intl=in – India

https://login.yahoo.com/config/login – Canada

http://uk.mail.yahoo.com/ – UK

Opening the website with any of the aforementioned server will create a new set of cookies. And, the Yahoo servers will forget about the past illegal or suspicious activity due to which the account was locked.

A cookie is a small packet of the data which gets stored in the server and if anything suspicious happens, then the cookie expires. Now, if you can create a new set of cookies, the issue will be solved, temporarily.

If you understand the geek language, removal of POP and IMAP settings from email client software can help you gain the lost access. The method is not that tough but, you need to have the right knowledge before making a move.

These were all the possible procedures you can opt for, and sort out the temporary account locked issue. Any of these will help you gain the account access for sure. In case the procedure still doesn’t work, feel free to mention the exact error in the discussion section below. And, I’ll take it from there!

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