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Use Torrent Proxy by TorGuard and Download Anything Anonymously

We often download a lot of files on our computer. But have you ever thought that downloading a copyrighted file/software can get you in trouble as copyright owner may sue you for this.

But the best of files are mostly available via torrents. In case you want to share a file with a large group of users, You would need to share the file via creating a torrent for it. So a mechanism for safe data transfer via torrents is needed. This mechanism is provided by Torrent Proxy service by TorGuard VPN.

Torrent Proxy Service By TorGuard Explained

You might be using torrent clients like utorrent or BitTorrent. Have you ever noticed that you can see the IP address of peer connected to a torrent. Similarly even your IP address can be seen by peers connected to you.


How can Torrent Proxy Service help me?

Torrent proxy service by TorGuard tunnels your traffic from bittorrent/utorrent over 60+ socket5 proxy servers from more than 6 countries. 

torguard vpn routers countries
Torrent Proxy service provides you with an IP address which is used by your Torrent Application, so that your original IP address does not show up to any of the peers connected to you.

Features of Torrent Proxy Service

  • Anonymous Proxy Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Anonymous Proxy Speed: Unlimited
  • socks5 Torrent Proxy IP’s: 60+
  • Customer Support: 24x7x365 days support
  • UDP tracker Support
  • Free VPN service Trial

Pricing and Customer Support

TorGuard Offers 24×7 customer support. They also provide live chat facility for their users on the official portal of TorGuard. Have a look at the various plans present for Torrent Proxy service. Torrent Proxy service is given along with a complete guide to configure your torrent client. If you don’t want to do that, you can even get a pre-configured torrent application from TorGuard’s portal.

torguard vpn pricing


Using a torrent proxy service is very essential these days, in order to protect your identity while downloading files using torrents, or you might get calls from various spamming companies to buy crappy products. You may also get a harrowing letter from your ISP if they find you making excessive use of torrents, and in the worst case, you bandwidth can be throttled. So, the best way to download any file using a torrent client is to get a torrent proxy service along with an Anonymous VPN service by TorGaurd. Buying these services will only take a resonable amount of money from your pockets, but will ensure your security of your data and personal information online.

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