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15+ Useless Yet Cool Websites We Found in 2016

Internet is a huge places where you can find billions of websites on different topics. The number of websites is growing on a daily basis as hundreds of thousands of new websites are being launched everyday. Most of these websites and blogs offer highly informative content that people love to read but there are still some websites that are so pointless that you will ask yourself, “Why?”! There are many websites that do awesome work but that’s not what we are talking about in this article. Today we are going to see 15+ totally useless yet cool websites ever.

The reason I am sharing with you this list of the cool websites that are pointless and useless is that the developers did something completely unique and the idea behind creating such a website surely comes from a creative mind. Some of these useless websites might be a waste of time but they will surely bring a smile on your face because may be that’s what the developers intended to do with these websites. So check out these purposeless websites that are both useless and cool at the same time.

List of 15+ Useless and Cool Websites:

1. Make Everything OK

This simple site contains a button that says “Make Everything OK“. When you click on it, you will see a progress bar that says “Making Everything OK is in progress”. Of course nothing is made OK but you can make it OK by changing your perception.

make everything ok

2. Nicest Place on the Internet

This is literally the Nicest Place on the Internet because when you open the site a YouTube video starts playing where people are seen giving hugs to their webcam or cameras, which looks like they are giving hugs to people who are watching the video. The idea is really simple and I love it because giving a hug to someone really cheers them up. You can also give a hug by following the steps mentioned on the website.

nicest place on the internet


A website that shouts HEEEEEEEEEEEY! then HOOOOOOOOOO! then again HEEEEEEEEEEEY! followed by HOOOOOOOOOO! repeatedly in a endless loop. This useless website literally shouts these words so keep your volume turned on.

heeeeeeeeey hoooooooooo

4. OMFG Dogs

Some developer got creative and took this one GIF and made a whole website, OMFG Dogs, showing dogs running endlessly. This is sure as hell a creative website with music playing in the background.

omfg dogs

5. Drunk Ron Swanson

This one is really stands out in the list of the cool websites because it shows Mr. Ron Swanson who is drunk and is dancing like hell. If you look at the Drunk Ron Swanson website, you will also witness a timer on the top corner showing you the time since Ron Swanson started dancing.

drunk ron swanson

6. Is It Christmas?

This websites answers one simple question – “Is It Christmas?” with a simple answer, which is “NO” all year round. The thing I liked about this site is that it gives you the answer NO in different languages based on the location you search it from. The only thing I hope is that the answer changes to YES when it is actually Christmas.

is it christmas

7. Silly Twitter Bio

The website provides you with Silly Twitter Bio which sometimes are really funny and awesome. So go to the website and hit the Generate button to get some silly bio to add to your Twitter profile.

silly twitter bio website

8. Instant Rimshot

Though the website is completely useless, the idea behind it is really awesome. When you hit on the big red button, you will hear an Instant Rimshot of various sounds. There is a complete sound library with sounds of cowbell, crickets, drum-rolls, etc. to make it more fun.

instant rimshot cool websites

9. Eel Slap!

The most useless website on this list has got to be “Eel Slap“. The site shows a picture of a man getting slapped by an eel.

eel slap

10. Cat Bounce

If you are a big fan of cats then maybe you will find this website “cute”, but I find this website completely useless because who wants to see Cats Bounce without any reason.

cat bounce

11. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

I admit that this website may come as a useless website at first but if you think for a second then this is really a cool website that you can use to Do Nothing for 2 Minutes. If you sit on your computer for hours at a stretch, you have to take a few breaks and that’s what this website helps you to do. Just take a break of 2 minutes and listen to the sound of the waves and birds.

do nothing for 2 minutes

12. Pointer Pointer

Though you might think that this website is useless, I on the other hand find the idea behind this site very creative and the developer has done some really hard work of finding thousands of images for the website.

The idea behind Pointer Pointer website is that when you move your cursor at any location in the box and hold still, you will see an image will load that will point to the exact place where your cursor is. You can try moving the cursor to different location to verify it.

pointer pointer

13. Rainy Mood

Do you like when it rains? If yes, then this website will put you in a Rainy Mood. Just open the website and you will hear sounds of raining, the thunderstorm, the winds blowing and everything that you experience when in rains. Is it useless? Yes! Is it cool, creative and awesome? Hell Yes!

rainy mood

14. Instant Cosby

Don’t know the idea or intention behind this website, Instant Cosby, but whenever you click anywhere on the screen, a new picture of Mr. Cosby appears on the page.

instant cosby

15. Last Page of the Internet

This is the unofficial Last Page of the Internet! I have no idea what methods they used to determine that this is the last page but whatever it is, this is surely a creative website.

last page of the internet

16. Ducks Are the Best

This is particularly useless website that will waste a lot of your time because when you go to Ducks Are the Best and move your cursor on the screen, ducks will appear on the cursor movement with duck sounds in the background.

ducks are the best

17. Donate For Nothing

If you like donating some money to people then you might also like this website where you can Donate for no apparent reason. There is just a donate button on the website using which you can donate some money to the creator of this website.

donate for nothing

Other Websites:

There are still many other useless websites out there which are both creative and cool but you will wonder why the developer created such sites. There is a website which is completely Blank! Yes, when you open it, all you will see is a white background. You can watch Alan Partridge Dancing on music and also know whether the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher is Dead or not.

In conclusion, I can say that you might be laughing at most of these websites. Some of these sites were confusing, some were really good and creative and some were completely useless, but we all can agree to one fact that these were some really cool websites. So if you liked the post then you can also share with your friends these useless and cool websites so that they too can have a laugh at them.

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