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Apple Verification Failed There was an Error Connecting Apple ID Server

Usually, the experience delivered by an Apple product is rock solid and this is what they are known for. The major reason behind this experience is the way iOS works on iPhone and the compatibility with the hardware underneath. Still, issues like Apple Verification Failed occurs, ruining the overall user experience.

Over here, I’m going to provide a working guide that will help you solve the issue, particularly the one which says, Apple verification failed, there was an error connecting Apple ID server.

This issue can be caused by a multiple reasons and I’m going to look into each. Thus, you are reading a guide offering complete solution.

#1 Turn Off Data

There can be an issue with the current internet connectivity. If the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi then use another one or use the Data connectivity. Or, vice-versa!

Once you’re using a different internet connection, try with the verification process. It should work if internet was the issue!

#2 Try restarting

If internet switching didn’t work, try restarting the iPhone completely. It can be done easily and I don’t think you need a working manual guide to make it happen. Yes, we all know how to restart a smartphone.

#3 Sign in again

If the verification fails again, try re-sign in with the same account credentials. This should work fine as in most of the cases, session expiration is the real cause behind this issue.

You can go to iTunes preferences inside the settings, and use the Sign Out button. Later, sign in again with the same credentials and the error might go away.

#4 Reset Password

If the re-sign in didn’t work, then it’s time for you to reset the password of the account. Go to the same screen and sign out. Now, instead of signing in again, follow the reset password procedure.

Go through the instructions mentioned on-screen and the password will be reset. Now, sign in using the new password credentials.

#5 Hard Rest the iPhone

This is the last option you can try. Hit the Home button and hold it together with the Power button for 10 seconds or more. The iPhone will restart on its own, going through the Hard Reset.

It happens very rare that the issue occurs. Apple products are known for delivering quality service which is of top-notch standard. Still, there are many examples of these stupid issues which occur to ruin the otherwise really good user experience.

If none of these works, then it’s the right time to stop overthinking and trying multiple things, and visit the nearest Apple Care store. Otherwise, you might end up loosing all the data because of trying multiple solutions which might or might not work.

Does any of the aforementioned work to fix the Apple verification failed, there was an error connecting Apple ID server? Let me know in the discussion section below.

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