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Tired Of Viber? Try These Alternatives

When a person is considering a messaging app that is on the market, they are often thinking of WhatsApp or even Skype. However, there is just as popular of a feature called Viber. The problem is that those who have decided to utilize this app are finding that it drains the battery of your phone rather fast. This is due to this app unintentionally keeping the Wi-Fi running in the background, draining the battery on your phone. You can go into the settings and ensure that the Wi-Fi is not being kept on. However, some people are still reporting that there are issues with this app even after doing this. Those who utilize Viber often like it because it does allow you to make phone calls or send messages to whoever you want, even if they do not utilize this message app. That is why so many people put up with this major deficiency in this product. So what can you do?

There are several alternatives in which a person can use if they are tired of having to deal with a low battery or constantly changing their phone. These apps may be lesser known in the market, but they are sure to offer you some form of replacement for Viber.


This is perhaps one of the biggest messaging apps on the market, and is often considered to be the top of the line product for those who want to send messages and make calls. With this being said, it is owned by Microsoft and has several features that make it a great alternative to Viber, since in most people’s opinions, this app is even better. A person can share files, make video calls, make phone calls, send instant messages and the like. The price for making calls is often less than other apps on the market. You can also purchase a monthly subscription to Skype, which is going to allow you to call within a certain country.

Google HangoutsGoogle-Hangouts-Android-App

This is a great alternative for the Viber app. For those who utilize this app they can make a phone call to any mobile or landline phone number. However, the rates for making these calls can be higher than what most people except with others types of apps on the market. You can also make group video calls for up to ten people with this application. It allows Google Voice users to sync their accounts for even better ease of use.


For those who are making group calls or international calls, then you are going to find that the LINE messenger is one of the greatest apps for taking the place of Viber. With this app, you can make phones calls that will range in price from one to three cents per minute. You can also make group calls with up to 200 people at one time, making it great for businesses to utilize. You can share files, location and even social networks. It works well with just about any platform including Android.

Facebook MessengerFacebook-Messenger-Android-App

For those who have a Facebook account, they are going to find that the Messenger app is already one in which they may use. It can be a great alternative to Viber since it is completely free. The problem is that this app only lets you make calls to other Facebook users. You can send voice messages, as well as text messages to those who are on this social network. You can only access this on your phone, as there is no desktop app for this at this moment.


Though this app is not one in which most people think of when it comes to replacing Viber, they are going to find that it has several features that can make it a highlight to use. You can call other WhatsApp users for free, no matter what. And it also has a low data mode that allows you to save when using your cell phone plan for connecting into these calls and sending messages. You are allowed to send files to one another with this. There is no desktop version out there, but it can be utilized with most mobile platforms on the market.


When Tango was first on the market, there was a lot of hype surrounding it due to the voice and video calling features that it offered. This is what makes this app one that many people consider a great alternative to Viber. There are several features about this app that makes it stand out such as public chats, video messages and eth like. The only drawback is that this is only available for Android and iOS devices.

Signal Private MessengerSignal-Private-Messenger

This is an app that is all about privacy, and it is considered one of the safest apps on the market, making it a great alternative to Viber. For those who use this it is going to encrypt their messages being sent, as well as the phone calls that are taking place. This is super secure, and one of the reasons why it gains so much support from the market. For those who have poor network connections, this app is working great there as it is equipped to handle a poor network environment, something that Viber is not able to compete with.

Whether you are sick of using Viber due to the way in which it drains your battery, or you simply want a new app that is going to provide you with the same types of services, then you are going to find that any of these apps are going to work in your favor. They are easily available to download and in most cases, they are going to be free to use unless making phone calls from this app. There is no reason to waste time on an app that is going to waste your battery, instead take the time to download a new app to get your business done and you will find that you will great appreciate this.

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