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How to Stream Showbox Movies on Chromecast

It’s quite interesting to see how the history of television has evolved. In the last few years, standard TV sets were a common sight in the house. However, the standard connections were replaced by digital satellite dishes and most recently, smart TVs that have internet connection features. However, for those who want to take their viewing experience a notch higher, you can now watch TV shows directly from the internet via different apps. Channel streaming is the new kid on the block and many people love it because you’re in control of what you want to watch at your own pleasure.

Both Showbox and Chromebox are excellent and popular streaming apps with a large following globally. But have you ever imagined the benefits you stand to gain when you use them together? The experience is exciting. To have the best entertainment experience, you can view Showbox content via Chromecast streaming app. This is the best news for anyone who was looking forward to watch their favorite shows via an external device. So long as you have an iOS or android device, you’re good to go. Laptops that have Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac can allow you to enjoy Showbox content. Latest changes to Showbox have facilitated users to watch content on television and current MX players that don’t have Showbox Chromecast. Fortunately, the process of having Showbox app display on your iOS and android is now easier and faster to complete.

It’s worth noting that Showbox app associated with Showbox Mexiaplex Co. Inc, a South Korean firm is free and can be downloaded within a short period of time. The app is cross platform compatible and you can use it on PC, Android, iOS , Blackberry and other platforms. Showbox has content cutting across different niches drawing a wide variety of audiences.

Chromecast is a popular Google Product. You can plug a Chromecast stick into your TV USB port and access online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Google Play among others. Chromeast isn’t cheap like Showbox and is available for both iOS and Android.

Setting Up Showbox to Show on Chromecast

Before you begin enjoying Showbox via Chromecast, you need to make sure you have the following items.anroid-kitkat-min-requirement for chrome cast

  • An Android phone with the latest operating system, KitKat or latest versions.

  • Under Settings, ensure “unknown sources” is enabled.

  • A fast internet connection, preferably a download speed of 4+MBPS and above.

It is important to ensure that your internet connection is active and running at fast speed to ensure video streaming doesn’t fail. Slow internet speeds can be frustrating because your videos will fail to load or keep getting stuck. With the recommended internet speeds, you’re guaranteed to have uninterrupted entertainment. Once all the above requirements have been met, you’re ready to configure Showbox through Chromecast.Watch Show box on google chrome cast

How to Start Watching Showbox Movies via Chromecast

Since you have all the requirements specified above, you can be able to proceed with the configuration without any hitches. However, you need to follow the specified instructions carefully. Remember, if you skip a step, the process will fail to complete as it’s supposed to. Showbox app doesn’t automatically work with Chromecast, you have to configure it as follows;

First, search for the Showbox app and download it to your Android phone. To install, you need to tap on the download button and choose install for the setup to begin.

Once installation has been completed, go to Google Play store and download AllCast Premium for $4.99. Click on install to begin the process.

Once you’re done with installation, go back to Google Play store again and download APX from GrowBox and install it on your phone.

Ensure you have completely installed all the 3 apps. Plug your Chromecast stick into your TV using the USB port. If your TV doesn’t have a USB port, an adaptor can do. Make sure that both your Android phone and Chromecast are accessing internet from the same Wi-Fi spot.

Start the Showbox app on your phone and selected your preferred video to stream.

When a pop up shows up, uncheck the option “Use internal player” then click on Watch Now to enjoy your movie.AllCast-for streaming

Select “Open with AllCast” and scroll through the list. When you see Chromecast, tap on it to select.

As you can see from the setup procedure described above, Showbox and Chromecast aren’t automatically compatible because Showbox isn’t included in the list of Chromrcast streaming platforms. As you’ve noticed, you need to download three other apps before you can enjoy the benefits of these two incredible platforms. Nothing good comes easy, you need to do a couple of downloads and installations to realize your desired goals.

Feel free to share this innovative way of taking your entertainment to a whole new level. Chances are high anyone who is keen on deriving maximum benefit from online TV streaming will be interested in this setup. At first, the set up may seem complicated. However, if you’ve done it severally, it will be easier for you to do subsequent setups without having to refer again. To avoid disappointments, make sure you have a stable internet because slow speeds can ruin your online movie watching experience.

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