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What Song Is This? – 7 Apps and Websites to Identify Songs

Listening to songs is the best way to relax your mind and almost everyone listens to new music while doing their work. If you are working out or exercising, when you take a road trip or do something else, you listen to the playlist containing your favorite songs. Or, you tune in to the radio channel to listen to some new songs and tracks that might interest you. But, when you listen to new songs and you don’t know it’s name or the artist, what will you do. You might wonder what song is this and if you want to find out the details of the song, you can use one of the best apps and websites to identify the songs.

You like a new song and you are writing down the lyrics so that you can get to a computer and find out the name of the song. But that’s a tedious task and what happens if you are unable to make out the lyrics of the song? Instead, you can use some of the best apps to identify songs and then you can buy the tracks or download them to listen whenever you want. So, next time when you find yourself asking, what song is this, just use one of these apps or websites to find out all the details about the song.

Best Apps and Websites to Identify the Songs

1. Shazam

Shazam is the most popular and one of the best music recognition apps that you can use to identify songs or music from anywhere in the world. The app gives you the name of the song and the artist and provides you links to Amazon, YouTube, Rdio, Spotify, iTunes etc. to buy or listen to the track.

The app is available for free but there are limitations to the number of songs you can search per month. However, if you go with the premium version, then you can look up the details of as many songs as you want. You can download the app on Android, iOS device, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mac as well as on Windows 10 computer.

Download: Android | iOS | Mac | Windows Phone / Windows 10 | BlackBerry

shazam what song is this

2. SoundHound

SoundHound is another amazing music recognition application available for smartphones that is one of the best in identifying the songs and music tracks. The app takes very less time in identifying the music being played around you, and you can also hum the melody or sing the song into SoundHound and it will search the details of the song.

You can get the name of the song and the lyrics as well to sing along the beat. If you want to listen to the full song, then you can do so if you have a Spotify premium account connected to the app. You can purchase the songs or the entire albums from Google Play Store and also share the tracks with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry.

Download: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | BlackBerry

soundhound apps to identify songs

3. SpotSearch

SpotSearch is a website that you can use to find the name and the details of any song or music album you are listening to. You can go to the website and type in a few words of the lyrics of the song and it will bring all the relevant results for you.

You can also download the SpotSearch app for iOS and when you search for a song, it will link you to Spotify premium version, otherwise, you will be redirected to YouTube.

Download: iOS | Visit Website

spotsearch music website

4. Musixmatch

With the largest lyrics catalog in the world, Musixmatch is the best app for getting the lyrics of any song you want. With a single tap, the app can easily identify the lyrics for the song playing around you and present you with the lyrics for the entire song.

All the songs you have identified so far will be stored in your personal profile so that you can use it later. The app not only recognized the lyrics, but also automatically fetches the song details and the cover of the album. With Android Wear and Android TV support, the app is one of the best apps to identify songs.

Download: Android | iOS | Windows Phone / Windows 10 PC

musixmatch what song is this

5. WatZatSong

You might have heard of Yahoo Answers and Ask.com because these are the sites where people post their questions and other users answers them. In a similar way, WatZatSong is a website, where you can post a song and ask the question, What Song is this, and the other users will give you the answer.

You need to register with the site to post the question. You can upload an mp3 file of the song and ask the question to the other users. When someone knows about the song, they will be able to post their answer containing all the details of the song like its name, the artists’ name and other details. WatZatSong is the best community and website to find and identify the songs.

Visit Website: WatZatSong

watzatsong find name of song

6. Musipedia

Musipedia is an online music search engine that you can use to identify several songs. You can use the search engine and find songs by whistling the song using the microphone, by using a flash-based piano or by drawing music notes using your mouse or by the rhythm.

The site contains a huge database of songs and music tracks and if you want to contribute to the site, then you can do so to make its database better than before.

Visit Website: Musipedia

midomi website identify songs

7. Midomi

If there is any website that is well organized and probably the best site to identify songs, then it is Midomi. If you go to the website, then you will see that everything is well organized and you can find the songs and music videos using the categories.

When you are thinking, what song is this, you can use Midomi to identify the songs by singing or humming the tunes for at least 10 seconds and when you click “Done”, the website will give you the results. The website is easy to use and with a single click, you can find the details of the song that you are looking for.

Visit Website: Midomi

musipedia identify details of songs


These were some of the best apps and websites to identify songs and in my opinion, Shazam and SoundHound are the best apps and Midomi is the best website to search for the songs and music tracks.

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There are other apps, websites and services out there as well to search for the details and the name of the song, but since you want accurate results, you need to use one of the apps or websites mentioned in this list.

I hope that you liked the list of the best apps and websites to identify songs. So, next time when the question, what song is this, comes to your mind, you know where to go. Share the article with your friends so that they too can use these apps to identify new songs.

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