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Apps for WhatsApp Emoticons,Big Smileys and New Stickers

There are plenty of applications on the Internet that will help you insert small pictures of smiling faces, or emojis, into your various online communications. They started as “emoticons,” simple combinations of punctuation that people would include in text based communication in order to express emotion. However, over the years these emoticons evolved, and today instead of using semicolons and parenthesis to form the image of a face, there are the little full colored pictures called “emoji” to handle that for us!

In fact, these fun images have expanded so far; there are many emojis that aren’t even an image of a face these days! They are those little pictures that you sometimes see in text messages, or messages exchanged through applications like WhatsApp. By looking into the useful below, you can be a master of emoji in no time at all!

Emoji for iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone, there are many different apps you can use to put emojis into your text messages! If you’re using an Android, you can scroll down to the second part of this article, which will has information that will be applicable to your cell phone telephone! If you’re an Apple user, the applications you’ll want to check out are just below. Welcome to the wonderful world of emojis!

Best Emoji Keyboard – Customized with New Animated Emojis, Gif & Cool Fonts
best emoji

This is the most popular emoji application there is, on any type of operating system in the world! It has more emojis than any other app, and the most people have it installed on their cell phone telephone, meaning it’s the application that is most likely to send an emoji that will be visible by the recipient. The emoji in this app are organized into seven different categories, and it features many iconic and recognizable images. Plus, this app works great with text messaging or the WhatsApp application, so you can be confident that the recipient will see your emoji!


Animated Emojis – Emoji 3D – SMS Smiley Faces Sticker – FREE
Animated Emoji

If you’re looking for something with a little bit more pizazz, you might be interested in some animated emoji! This app has a long list of categories that includes hundreds of interesting emoji. Because of the cool 3D effects, these emoji look so cool, they just might blow your mind! The app is compatible with iOS 7 and later, and works great with the WhatsApp application. However, it should be noted that this application is only approved for use by the most awesome cell phone telephone users.


Emoji Keypad Free – Keyboard Themes, New Emojis, Stickers & Emoticons
Free emoticons

This is another very popular emoji application! It features an array of dazzling and colorful emoji that will really make texting fun. What sets this particular application apart is it inclusion of unusual fonts! Have you ever sent a text message to a friend, but wished you could put part or all of the message in some sort of unusual or exciting font? With this application, that dream can finally become reality! Plus, another included feature allows you to write your words in a unique layout!


Big Emoji Keyboard – Stickers for Messages, Texting & Facebook
Big Emoji stickers

This is the largest collection of emoji included in this list. It collects all of the other aforementioned emoji in one place. As if that weren’t enough, on top of it, it includes a tool that allows you to design and send your very own emoji!


Emoji for Android

It doesn’t matter whether you have an Apple iPhone or phone that runs Android – everyone can get in on the emoji fun these days! If you have a phone that operates on Android, check out one of these awesome apps and start sending emoji today!

Stickers For WhatsApp WeChatstickers for whatsapp

This is the most popular emoji application for cell phone telephones that are running the Android operating system, and that status is entirely justified. For one, once installed, it will automatically be compliant with the vast majority of programs on your phone that include a keyboard. Next, the collection is stupendous, featuring an incredibly large number of emoji, meaning it gives you the best selection and it’s just a lot of fun to look through. Now you can easily send emoji through almost any app! 


Love StickersLove Stickers

This emoji application has a strong emphasis on the sort of images that lovers might want to send to one another. Featuring a full arsenal of hearts and lovey-dovey images, his application also has the benefit of featuring regular updates to its catalogue of emoji. While there isn’t a wide variety of themes available in this app, if you’re a love bird looking to send some sweet emojis to your special someone, this app is very positively reviewed.


Stickers WhatsApp EmotionSticker for whatsapp

This app allows you to choose which emoji you want to import into your cell phone telephone once you have it installed. By selecting the WhatsApp application from the menu once you have opened this app, the application will automatically move the emoticons you have selected into the WhatsApp application, where you will be able to use them for messaging. This app is incredibly simple to use, and will have you sending your friends emoji in no time flat!


Funny Stickers for WhatsAppFunny whatsapp pictures

If you’re looking for emoji that are laugh out loud hilarious, then you need to check out this app immediately! It features hundreds of absolutely hilarious images to send in your text messages. Beyond that, many of the featured emoji are recognizable (and obscure) characters from popular culture! Download it and check them all out now!


Stickers for WhatsAppSticker for whatsapp app

This app features a wide variety of interesting and fun stickers! If you’re looking for an unusual and unique application that will help your text messages stand out from the crowd, then look no further than this fun and adorable app!


Emoji Away

That’s it! You’re now ready to get out and there send emoji with the best of them. Be sure and check out a couple different emoji applications, so you can decide which one is right for yoU!

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