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Wondershare PDFelement: Create, Edit PDF Files

The Portable Document or PDF format of files is one of the easiest ways to share and edit work with other people. PDF files have so many great uses, including cross platform compatibility, and the way that they keep their format no matter what. PDF documents can also be easily edited, and converted into other formats such as word documents. To make a PDF live up to its potential you must use a bunch of different applications, which can be very hard and take up a lot of time. This is why Wondershare PDFelement was created; it is an all-in-one application that can do all of the things listed above and more.

User Interfacewondershare-pdfelement

The apps user interface is simple and easy to use and understand. All of the main functions are listed in toolbars along the top of the PDF page that you look at when you are working. Each feature has not only an icon but its name listed underneath so that there is no confusion as to what you are clicking on. This leaves no guessing which makes this app so wonderful.

Primary functions


When you open up a PDF document for editing, the app will automatically detect the elements (text blocks, images etc.) of the file, and highlight them in boxes. Select the option you would like from the Edit menu item, and click anywhere on the PDF to edit your work. You can add or edit anything you would like from text, images, and even URLs. Editing works really well, even if the PDF has a very complex set-up


The app comes able to convert PDF files into a wide variety of formats, including EPUB, PNG, DOCX, HTML, and RTF. The first thing you do is choose the format you would like from the options under the Convert menu, select which PDF files you would like to have converted and then the app will do the rest. After that there is no need to worry because as stated before PDF’s always keep their format even when converted. For different formats, you can also change advanced options in the application’s settings. It converts PDF files to most formats without problems.

Create PDF

There are times when you have to convert different types of files to PDF files, with the app, this is not much of a problem. Simply click the create PDF option on the home screen, select the source file you would like to change and then simply save them as PDF files. There isn’t a lot of editing you’ll need to do because the app is really good at keeping the format of the words. The software lets you convert files from other formats such as DOCX, XLSX, PNG, JPG, etc


With this app you can merge different PDF files together. Your PDF files will be merged as one, making one document that will be easier to send off to somebody. You can access the button from the home screen, which is shown as combine PDF. Once you select which PDF files you would like to merge the app will take care of it for you.

Special features

Add Digital Signature

Often times you will need to electronically sign documents to be able to send your document off to a very important person. With this app they give you the opportunity to create and store many different signatures so you will never be without one. You can add a digital signature by clicking sign document in the main toolbar and then choosing which signature you would like to use or by creating a new one and put it onto the new document.

Password Protect PDF documents

You can even password protect the most important of documents with this app making it possible to keep everything safe. Especially if you would like to share your document over the Internet it is best to have a password on them. In fact with this app you can put multiple passwords onto any PDF keeping your information completely safe. Say you have a very important tax document, you can put a password on it and it will stay protected from everybody. It is very simple to do; you go to the main toolbar and click the Protect menu item which allows you to put in a new or existing password!

  • Extract text from images (Paid)

  • If you purchase the paid version of this application you will receive more features including the ability to extract text from images. You simply scan in the images, from a book or maybe a magazine and the app will convert those images into text. You can change the settings so that the app will pick up different languages easier, which means you will be getting a better translation. You can do this only in the paid version, which will cost you $69.95 for Windows and $99.95 for Mac.

  • Multiple language support

  • The Wondershare PDFelement supports so many languages so no matter what language you speak or must translate to the app can help you out. You can change the settings so that the app picks up different languages off the spot or only with the image to text converter. You will be able to understand how to use the app no matter what because it comes in and supports a variety of languages including Italian, German, and French.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement would be a very good investment. It comes with a variety of functions and works really well. It makes handling PDFs a lot easier which can come in handy when you are trying to get something done quickly. Not to mention it provides a lot of protection that you can’t get in a lot of other places. It supports so many languages that you could send you files to your business partners overseas with no worries along with having that document sign and sealed with password protection. With a simple and easy design Wondershare PDFelement seems to be the best application for editing converting PDFs out there.

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