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How to Create a New Facebook Account

Social media are tools that allow individuals, businesses, organizations and other groups to create and share information, ideas and pictures across various platforms. The use of the Internet via computers, phones and tablets allow users to access these interfaces. There are literally thousands of variations of social media from social networks, blog platforms, discussion boards, forums, reviews and rating sites, event platforms etc. Each of these allows individuals to collaborate and build relationships with other people.

Facebook is one of many social networking websites that have blossomed in over the years, but it is one of the most successful network sites still available. Facebook went live in 2004 for Harvard University students. A group of Harvard roommates developed and branded Facebook into what it is today. In 2006, the co-founders offered Facebook to any and all persons over the age of 13 years old.

Facebook allows users to create a profile and share details about themselves with fellow friends. As a user you can add friends, join groups, engage in messaging (one on one or in a group format), post photos, provide a status, join events, like other friends statuses and photos, etc. As of August of 2015 there were over 1.18 billion individuals registered with a Facebook account.

To do all of these things and enjoy all of the features that Facebook has to offer, you need to have an account set up.

Creating the Account

To set up a new Facebook account follow the steps outlined below. Setting up an account is quick and easy.

Step 1: Go to www.facebook.com.

Step 2: You will need to fill out the account details form in the main page:

  • Name (First and Last)

  • Email (your current and most used email address) or mobile number

  • Re-enter your email or mobile number for confirmation

  • Password

  • Birthdate

  • Select Female or Male

Step 3: After you are done filling out the form and have double-checked your information, click the ‘Sign Up’ button.

Step 3: The next step will include locating friends that are already on Facebook by looking up email addresses through your email account. So, type in your email address and click on the ‘Find Friends’ button. If you do not want to do this, click on the ‘Skip this step’ link at the bottom right of the form.

Step 4: If you did select to find friends, a list will pop up of those currently on Facebook. Click on the ‘Add Friend’ button next to those individuals that you would like to connect with and add as a Friend. Once you are done, click on the ‘Save & Continue’ button. If you skipped this step, go ahead to Step 5.

Step 5: Next, you will be asked questions to fill out your profile, such as:

  • High School

  • Hometown

  • Current City

  • College/University

  • Employer

Step 6: Facebook will then allow you to ‘like’ some of the most popular pages on Facebook based on your interests. The updates from the pages you like will loaded onto your Newsfeed every time you open your Facebook app. Once you are done here, click on the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

Step 7: The next step includes uploading a new profile picture. You can either upload a picture or take a new picture. Select, which option you, want to do. If you do not want to add a picture, click on the ‘Skip’ link and come back to this step at a later time. Once you are done, click on the ‘Save & Continue’ button.

That’s it; your new Facebook account is now created. You will now be redirected to the Welcome page, which will walk you through a few how-to’s or things to know, such as privacy settings.

You will also be asked to confirm your account by receiving a text to your phone or an email to your respective email account.

Now it is time to start getting used to the new social networking tool. Learn how to use it properly with the use of the Help Center.

Features of Your New Facebook Account

Facebook is structured with a left hand navigation bar and a small navigation bar at the top right of the screen. The left hand navigation bar includes your favorite links, apps, games, interests, groups, events and pages. The top navigation part includes friend requests, messages, updates and settings. The main portion of the screen is your News Feed, which is a stream of updates from your friends and interests. This includes profile changes, profile picture changes, upcoming events, birthdays, status changes, etc.

Your timeline is visible to everyone who has access to your profile. This is where your updates are posted, where others can like and/or comment on your updates, and post directly on your timeline. Your timeline includes posts, events, pictures, etc.

Messaging is also available which allows users to communicate in a more private manner. In fact there is a separate application called Facebook Messenger just for the messaging aspect of Facebook. Users can communicate in a private manner one on one or in a group mode.


Facebook is one of the best social networking sites on the market. Although there are other social networking sites and have been others prior to Facebook, Facebook has become the most successful. We can easily keep up-to-date with our closest friends and stay in connect with old friends. There are imbedded games that keep us coming back to the app as well as the chat feature that is just as easy as texting. The fact is, Facebook is for everyone from individuals to businesses and young to old. Facebook is also great for event networking and can be a great platform for branding new businesses.

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