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How To Install SuperRepo Kodi Repository

Kodi is a media centre software which allows everyone to extend it with add-ons and watch media content easily. The popularity of Kodi is breathtaking and I’m sure you’re also using it for months.

It’s time now to learn how to install SuperRepo Kodi repository which will add hundred others add-ons. These add-ons are really helpful as they can easily extend the functionality of the primary software.

The repository will come up with more new add-ons as the developers behind are continuously working to improve it. So, it’s a good choice to keep using it for all our needs.

A repository file is what the name says. It can hold onto other add-ons or extensions which are all helpful. On the need, one can quickly get them install or uninstall when no longer needed.

Keeping a repository installed helps the user from needing to install dedicated add-ons. In other methods, you need to first download individual add-on zip files and proceed with the installation.

In this case, you just have to go through repository and get whatever available from inside. Cool, right?

Install SuperRepo Kodi Repository

One way or another, you’re going to like this repository and I’m sure this installation procedure is going to be helpful. Let’s move into the procedure and go through it.

Step 1 – Scroll through the Menu options and move the mouse or cursor to the System option. You do not have to click on it, as it expands automatically.File-manager-Kodi-red-728x380
Step 2 – Now, click on File Manager and from inside, click on Add source option.add-source-red-728x384

Step 3 – Now, select the None option from the box and at the typing screen box, write following URL, http://srp.nu/Enter-file-source-path-728x384

Step 4 – Click on the Done button from the keyboard once you’re all set to navigate to that particular URL. Now, enter the name and hit Done button again.kodi-system-730x381 (2)kodi-addons-730x383 (1)

Step 5 – Considering you’ve renamed the file whatever you can remember, go back to the System then into Add-ons and finally click on Install from zip file option.Install-from-zip-kodi-15--730x383

Step 6 – Move inside the same folder and select the one you just renamed. Inside that you can move into the Kodi version, then into all option and then proceed with the zip file to install.Kodi-install-from-zip-super-repo-730x381

As the procedure is over now, you can find the SuperRepo repository inside the System > Add-ons > Install from repository option.Kodi-SuperRepo-install-from-repository-730x381

All done! I hope the procedure went smooth and you have access to the complete repository of the SuperRepo application. In case you need assistance on any related issue, feel free to mention things in the comment section below. I’ll definitely come up with a working solution to fix it.

Other than that, it’s time for you to go ahead and share this working guide to install SuperRepo Kodi repository. It was, indeed, helpful!

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