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The Best Screen Protectors for iPhone se

The iPhone is one of the more expensive phones on the market that a person could order. And with that price tag comes the need to protect the phone through any means necessary. Though a person may do all that they can to avoid dropping this or the like, it is usually everyday use that finally breaks these phones down. One of the major components of an iPhone that can be protecting with ease is the screen. If you were to look at how many times per day that you touch the screen, you would realize that it could easily be the screen that you break. In addition, through protecting the screen you also help to remove smudges that may be getting in the way of seeing information clearly while looking at the phone.

Apple has announced that they will be releasing the iPhone SE that is taking them back into the compact smartphone sector for the first time in years. Thus, the look for screen protectors has been on the rise. The good news is that we have complied a great list of screen protectors that you can utilize for this new iPhone, and they often may fit the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S for those who are interested.

TechArmor HD Clear Screen Protectortecharmor-hd-clear

This is a well-respected brand in the screen protector market for those who are looking to protect their iPhone. What makes this screen protector one in which you want to consider is that it is made of excellent quality ingredients that will protect your screen, but also makes the screen perform better as it makes it more sensitive to the touches that are given. Even better, when installing this you do not have to worry about bubbles or stress, unlike other protectors on the market. When removed, there is also no sticky film residue like other screen protectors out there.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $5.95

TechArmor 2 Way Glass Screen Protectiontecharmor-privacy-protector

Coming from a trusted source, as stated before, this screen protector is a great combination of screen protector as well as screen privacy. For those who fear that people watch over their shoulders what they are doing, then this is the screen protector for you as it allows only the person holding the phone to see what they are doing thanks to the reflective qualities of the screen protector. In addition, the protector itself is made from ballistic glass that means that it protects the screen even if the phone were to be dropped. This protector also has a lifetime warranty on it, which is even better.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $15.95

iPhone SE Ailun Tempered Glass Screen Protectorailun-tempered-glass

This particular screen protector is meant to protect the screen from smudges, fingerprints and to even help lessen any damage should the phone fall to the ground and the screen be impacted. The display will become shatter proof when this is put onto the phone. There is also the fingerprint technology within this protector that helps to ensure that the screen is very sensitive no matter that there is a screen protector being used on the phone.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $6.40

Zagg Invisible Glass Screen Protectorzagg-invisibleshield-glass

This is made from fortified hard glass and provides scratch resistance, as well as impact resistance if it should be dropped. The design is also meant to make the screen look crystal clear when applied. What makes this protector one to choose is that it appears invisible once applied since it has the beveled edges on it, making many people feel as though they are not using a screen protector at all.

Zagg InvisibleSheild HDXzagg-invisibleshield-hdx

This is the premium version of the invisible screen protector that is provided by Zagg. For those who utilize this they are going to find that it is made from materials that are used to shield helicopter blades that are used on military helicopters, ensuring that it is rather rugged and tough. One of the neatest features about this is that it does use nano memory technology that helps to form self-healing ingredients to the screen protector. It does come with a limited warranty upon purchase.

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $24.47

Tech21 ImpactShield Screen Protectortech21-impact-shield

This is considered to be one of the more official screen protectors that is offered for the iPhone and backed by Apple. It has a three-layer structure, which is meant to help reduce scratches and the like from the screen. It also makes the screen stronger as one of the layers is made from bulletproof glass.

3M Privacy Screen Protector3m-privacy-screen-protector

This is yet another protector that is given as a recommendation from Apple. It utilizes unique technology, which makes sure you are the only one that is able to see what is happening on your phone display. Everyone else who sees the screen will simply see a black screen. This adds to the privacy that many people long to have with their phone. In addition, it helps to keep fingerprints from the screen.

Otterbox Alpha Screen Protectorotterbox-alpha

This is a trusted name in cell phone accessories on the market, and their protector does not disappoint those who utilize it. It is actually considered one of the most durable screen protectors that someone can utilize with their iPhone. The screen protector is made from tempered glass and polyester to help ensure that the screen is protected as much as possible. There is also reactive touch technology that is used with the screen protector to ensure that your screen works flawlessly.

Spigen GLAS.tR Slim HD Screen Protectorspigen-glastr

This screen protector is not only protecting against scratches and the like, but is also protecting against drops that may occur. There is a hefty price to the protector, but since it offers so much protection when dropped, many consider this to be well worth the price.

In the end, you want to protect the screen of your iPhone as much as you can to ensure that you get several years use out of your phone. Replacing a screen can be expensive, but these protectors can lessen the chance that you have to do this.

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